Business Administrator


Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Karl J. Knehr, CPA

Assistant Business Administrator
Francine Thompson 


The Purchasing Department is responsible for processing requisitions and issuing purchase orders for all goods and services procured by the school district. Information on formal bids and quotes including annual supplies are maintained by this department. In order to do business with the Board of Education, all vendors are required to obtain a business registration certificate from the State of New Jersey. To register with the State of New Jersey, please us the link below:

Purchasing Coordinator
Karen Skwiat
732-257-3300, x-1955



The Payroll Department processes all bi-monthly payrolls including the remittance of involuntary and voluntary deductions, maintenance of tax forms such as W-2 and W-4, and the distribution of employee payroll checks. Voluntary deductions consist mainly of tax shelter annuities, credit union, and disability insurance. Please contact the Payroll Department for information on Board approved TSA vendors. Direct Deposit is available to all employees.

Payroll Coordinator
Karen Wieczorek
732-257-3300, x-1956

Payroll Assistant
Anabel Garcia
732-257-3300, x-1954


Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payroll Department is responsible for monitoring outstanding payables, collecting vouchers and invoices, and processing all accounts payable checks. All vendor inquiries on outstanding invoices should be directed to this department.

Accounts Payable Coordinator
Lois Pavlik
732-257-3300, x-1957


Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable Department collects and records all local, state, and federal revenue including grants received throughout the school year. Licensed practical nursing, Cosmetology, and other adults students are responsible for paying their tuition directly through this department.

Accounts Receivable/Special Projects Coordinator
Kathy Jones
732-257-3300, x-1959

Tuition Coordinator
Anable Garcia
732-257-3300, x-1954


Employee Benefits

The Employee Benefits Department is responsible for enrolling employees in all of our benefit programs including medical, prescription, dental, vision, and pension benefits. The Benefits Coordinator is available to provide information to all employees requiring assistance with regard to our benefit plans. The links below connect with all our fringe benefit providers.

Benefits Coordinator
Caroline Sturdy
732-257-3300, x-1960



State Health Plan