English  9, Honors

This course is for students with superior language and reading skills.  The English I Honors Program is devoted to a chronological study of world literature with emphasis on the epic literature of various nations and cultures.  Critical analysis, advanced writing assignments, independent reading and literary research are required.


English 10, Honors

This course is for students with superior language and reading skills. The goals of this course are to improve students’ analytical skills, learn literary terms and how to use that knowledge to expand their ability to understand literature, and explore the development of American Literature specifically from early literature to1900. Students are exposed to concept of a people consciously building a literature that will be unique and representative of the values of a nation, unlike other literature which basically evolved naturally over the course of time. Students learn SAT vocabulary with weekly SAT lessons.


English  11, Honors

The junior year is devoted to a study of American Literature from 1900 to the present with emphasis on major writers and the historical, social, and philosophical movements of their time.  In addition, emphasis will be placed on skills needed for the SAT and review for the HSPA.  All students will be exposed o a core body of knowledge including a grade level vocabulary list, the writing of critical analyses, and a research paper.


English 12, Advanced Placement Literature and Composition

Advanced Placement English is a demanding academic course in which students employ an intensive, interpretative, and critical approach to modern and to classical literature through class and independent reading, through small and large group discussion, and through a variety of writing experiences. Writing assignments include the analysis of text, structure, and style; reflect all of the rhetorical modes, and incorporate writing for everyday situations. A research paper utilizing primary and secondary sources is a requirement.