School of Construction Technology

  • Architecture Technology – Mr. Malave

    Architecture Technology is designed to challenge students interested in Residential & Commercial Building Design, Interior Design, Product Design, and Engineering. Students transform their designs into 3D models and working drawings through the use of the latest  Computer-Aided Design software. With the help of our 3D printers and laser cutting equipment, students are able to produce prototypes of their designs. The Architecture Technology program provides students with a strong foundation in Architecture, Engineering, Interior, and Industrial Design, which will prove to be instrumental as they pursue post-secondary education. Graduates may also pursue employment as CAD technicians in the fields of Architecture, Construction, Surveying, Manufacturing, and Engineering. 

    Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology –    Mr. Wass 

    Students will be taught the skills necessary for proper maintenance, servicing, repair, installation of gas, electric, solar heating, and cooling units for commercial and domestic use.

    Pre-Engineering & Manufacturing Technology - Mr. Mercadante 

    ​This course offers instruction on tools, materials, production process, machine operations, automated line operations, technical and quality control, engineering analysis, instrumentation, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), electronic, hydraulics and pneumatics, process control, computer aided design (AD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and robotics.