• Is Piscataway Vocational And Technical School a public school?

    Absolutely. In New Jersey, county vocational-technical schools are a county-wide shared service funded by Boards of Chosen Freeholders and state and federal aid. Every student who lives in a county is eligible to apply for admission to their county-operate vocational-technical school. In rare instances if a program is not available in that county vocational school, at the discretion of the local county, schools will accept applications from out-of-county students depending on availability.


    • Who attends Piscataway Vocational And Technical School?

    Piscataway Vocational And Technical School is a good choice for students of all abilities because research shows that students learn in different ways. The opportunity for hands-on learning and applied academics means that vocational-technical schools are able to make high school come to life for many students who previously struggled. Piscataway Vocational And Technical School programs are also a great option for talented students seeking a challenging academic program with a specific career focus.


    • Does Piscataway Vocational And Technical School offer the same academic courses are traditional high schools?

    Piscataway Vocational And Technical School offer exciting programs for students with a wide range of interests and abilities. Piscataway Vocational And Technical School integrates vocational-technical programs with a full range of academic and extra-curricular offerings.


    • What is "shared time"?

    Piscataway Vocational And Technical School offers shared time programs allowing students from throughout the county the opportunity to take traditional academic courses such as math and language arts at their home high school, and spend the remainder of the school day at Piscataway Vocational And Technical School taking programs in a specific career area.


    • Who can attend Piscataway Vocational And Technical School?

    Every student has a legal right to apply for admission. If accepted, the local school district is required by law to pay tuition (if applicable) and provide transportation for students attending a county vocational-technical school district (see NJSA 18A:.54-20.1 and NJAC 6A:19-3.1).


    • How do I apply to Piscataway Vocational And Technical School?

    Our rigorous programs are designed for highly talented students and admission can be extremely competitive. Admission criteria takes in consideration attendance, academics, discipline, program appropriateness, safety and students abilities.


    • Can my child go to college if they attend a vocational school? 

    Positively. Statewide, more than 60 percent of graduates of county vocational technical schools advance to college of further study. Many counties have specialized, career academies that attract high-motivated, high-achieving students.


    • Why isn't there a program in a particular career field in my county, but is offered elsewhere in the state?

    Because county vocational schools are governed by county boards of vocational education, they are able to cater to local workforce needs. Our schools insure their programs remain relevant by training students for jobs of today and tomorrow, with an emphasis on meeting local employment demands. 



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