(Pg 1 Intro)

    Course Requirements

    All students have been given a Course Syllabus which contains the class rules and expectations, as well as what academic material will be covered this school year.  Parents/Guardians have been asked to read, sign and return the top page of this syllabus with their child. Please keep the following pages for your records.  This ensures that we are all aware of what to expect as well as what is expected.  Students have also been given a permission slip which must be signed and returned to allow students to work in the cosmetology/hairstyling shop. Some students may decide to have services (haircuts,color,manicures, ect.), which will be a part of the learning experience, and therefore need permission by parent/guardian to participate. Also, included is aquarantine instructions page to be signed (hopefully we will have no need to use).  Finally, I have included a permission slip for students to be photographed during shop time (we have a class instagrampage and occasionally post pictures of our work).

     *Prompt return of the signed syllabuspermission slip,quarantine instructions, and instagram permission slip will result in 1 extra credit point (and those without, will not be allowed to participate during practical shop time).

    Thank you,

    Ms. Debra Ciesielski 

    (Pg 2 Shop Permission Slip)
    Middlesex County Vocational & Technical High School, Piscataway Campus

    Permission Slip for Cosmetology/Hairstyling Students

    Please read before signing…

    I agree that as a student, it is necessary for me to act as a patron and receive cosmetology related practices that are a part of our curriculum such as hairstyling, haircoloring, and haircutting.

    I understand that the services will be given by another student (under the supervision of the instructor) therefore it is through practice that we are learning the trade and are not responsible for the outcome.

    In addition, I acknowledge that there may exist a risk of exposure to the Coronavirus as well.

    Date:_________________Student’s Signature:________________________________________

    As the parent/guardian, I acknowledge and give permission to my daughter/son to have her/his hair, nails and skin serviced  in cosmetology/hairstyling shop if they desire.

    Date:__________________Parent/Guardian’s Signature__________________________________






    (Pg 3 Quarantine Instructions)

    Quarantine Instructions

     My hope is for a healthy and successful year, should that not be the 


     Student responsibilities:

                        1. Borrow materials needed to work from home (Ms Debra will assign)

                        2. Look for announcements, assignments, and google meet instructions on google classroom.

                        3. Report to the google meets.

                        4. Do assignments and turn in ontime.

                        5. Return all materials on the date of return to school.

     Failure to meet any of these responsibilities will result in a refraction 

           of grade and/or financial obligations.

     Please review with a parent or guardian, both please sign and return.

     Thank you,

    Ms. Debra Ciesielski

    _________________________________________     _____________

    (Student signature)                                                              (date)

     _________________________________________     _____________

    (Parent/Guardian signature)                                               (date)




    (Pg4 Syllabus Acknowledgement)

    Course Requirements/Syllabus Page                             


    Instructor:  Ms. Debra Ciesielski


    Parent/Guardian:  If you would like to provide me with your email to contact you regarding your

    child’s progress, please provide it on the line below.


    Parent/guardian email  _________________________________________________


     The attached course requirements have been explained to me by my instructor,

    Ms. Debra Ciesielski, and I intend to assume my responsibility, as a student, to follow them.


    Student Name (printed)  _______________________________________


    Student Signature  _____________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________







    (Syllabus Packet)

    Course Requirements/Syllabus


    Cosmetology/Hairstyling                                       Room B104 /732-985-0717 ext 2251 (practical shop)

    Instructor: Ms. Debra Ciesielski                            Email: ciesielskid@mail.mcvts.net 

    **Please Keep This Copy For Your Use **

    Cosmetology/Hairstyling offers the opportunity for a lifetime career in one of the largest and most respected industries.  After a comparatively short training period, you will be prepared to embark upon a career that can offer you a good income for your entire working life.

    The future of the cosmetology industry appears to be the most promising.  New techniques, new products, and new opportunities appear every day.  The number of patrons who visit beauty salons and the amount of money they spend for services are constantly increasing.

    How fast and how far you go will depend primarily on the effort you make and on the seriousness with which you approach your training.  While in school, you should also concentrate on improving your personal habits, grooming, poise, personality and the ability to get along with people.  All of these are essential to your achieving success in the world of work…..reach for your dreams….be successful!!

    Contacting Ms. Debra Ciesielski

    Please feel free to contact me anytime about your child’s progress, assignments or concerns (please insert your child’s name in the subject area of email so I am able to identify you.  Thanks!)

    Shop Rules

    No Bullying, No Harassing…. Respect is what we all deserve.  

    Be prepared for class every day!  All students must have their workbooks (theory and practical) and all supplies given to students for use in shop such as mannequins,state board bags, ect. (you may leave in your assigned locker if kept neat and tagged with your name). 

    Students are to work as if in a classroom during theory lessons.

    All students will clean up their own area and do an assigned clean up job. 

    All students must wear smocks/capes and closed toe shoes during shop. 

    Never touch your own hair or nails in shop. 

    All equipment loaned to a student must be returned, in good condition, at the end of the school year or paid for.  Do not loan equipment to other students. It is your responsibility. 

    No electronics such as cell phones.

    Never leave the room without a pass.

    Do not sit at the teacher’s desk or go into it. 

    Do not write on whiteboard unless asked to do so. 

    No profanity.  

    No visitors unless it is a prearranged client. 

    Lates (unexcused) will equal 1 hour

    If you are unhappy about something, please speak to me…Any problem can be resolved through communication.  This includes Parent/Guardians, also.  Please feel free to contact me either through email or telephone.

    Safety Regulations

    1. During a fire drill, we will exit the building through the front door and proceed to the teacher’s parking lot. Please stay together so I can take attendance. 
    2. No running allowed. 
    3. Do not spin around on the hydraulic chairs, nor stand on foot rests.  
    4. Each piece of equipment has a proper and safe way to be used.  I will instruct you as each piece of equipment is introduced.  If you missed the demonstration, please ask to be shown how to use. 
    5. No squirting water bottles improperly.

    Supply/Material Requirement

           1.   Each student should have a separate cosmetology notebook and a folder. 

          2.  All students should begin to purchase their own equipment such as scissors, thinning shears, brushes, perm rods, hair products, electric trimmers, nail polish and nail tools ect. 

          3.  All students and parent/guardian must sign and return this syllabus and attached two permission slips).  Failure to do so will prevent student from participation during shop time.

           4.  See Senior Responsibilities*

    Homework/Grading Policy

    Class written assignments, homework and projects will be given on a regular basis.  All late assignments  will receive a deduction of 10 pts per day for every day they are late. Students will have 3 days to make up class work when they are absent.  Frequent written and practical tests will be given.  Students with 600 hours are to obtain their state permit and will be expected to take clients when clinic is open.

    20% of grade….Participation and performance to include: work in shop and clean up (during theory and practical and when necessary, on Google Meet)

    20% of grade….Quiz score

    35% of grade….Test/Project scores

    25% of grade….Homework and classwork

    Tests/Projects/Quizzes:                                         Participation:

    A = 90-100                                                              check ++ = 100%

    B = 80-89                                                                check +   =  89%     

    C = 70-79                                                                check      =  79%      

    D = 66-69                                                                check-     =  69%       

    F = 65 and below                                                      check--    =  65%       


    100%(Outstanding)                                                      **See Class Rubrics

    80%(Satisfactory)                                                             Class Rubrics



    State Board Requirements (Theory/Practical):

    Theory 75% or higher before eligible to take practical exam; Practical 90% or better in order to pass and earn NJ State Cosmetology/Hairstyling License

    Complete 1200 hours of instruction in a Cosmetology/Hairstyling program

    Must be 17 years of age

    Free of infectious contagious communicable disease

    High School diploma or equivalent

    Be of good character

    Social Security Number or Tax ID number

    Proper paperwork/monies complete when due (application, physicians note, birth certificate, ss # or tax id, affidavit, school hours certification, 2-2 x 2 photos, proper fees for license: *$90) 

    Take and Pass State Board Theory and Practical Exams

    Senior Requirements for State Board Practical Exam:

    Students must be available to prepare bags supplied by teacher and school when class is doing so, failure to this may result in student responsibility for those supplies

    Pass theory portion of exam

    ID (Valid Driver’s License, Valid Official State issued ID or Valid Passport)

     Scrub Pants (either white or black to be determined by class vote)

    White Plain Leather Sneakers

    2 Mannequin stands (recommend one suction cup and one clamp)

    Cold Wax

    **Zip Lock Baggies:

         1 box extra large

         1 box 2 gallon

         1 box 1 gallon

         1 box sandwich 

    Students will be given one mannequin head to use for state board exam, if this mannequin is not prepared properly, student will be required to purchase another in order to take the practical exam.

    A suitcase in which to pack all supplies


    All information for documentation, rules and regulations can be found:

                NJ Division of Consumer Affairs

                NJ State Board of Cosmetology & Hairstyling

    *These fees subject to change by order of state

    **These items required in october



    class rubrics