• Grading: Please check grades and missing assignments through Genesis website. Grades will be updated at least on a weekly basis.  

    Tests and quizzes: There will be 7-9 quizzes and 2-3 tests each marking period. Periodically there will be projects that will count as a test or quiz grades.All tests will be announced.

    Homework is given a few times a week. When there is no written homework students should go over the material we have been covering.  Half credit will be given to homework handed in late and you will earn one grade lower for each day a project is late. Exceptions will be made for extreme cases.

     Class Rules

    1.   Respectfully communicate with everyone (verbally and nonverbally)

    2.   Be on time for class, which means being in your seat with your book, notebook, and a writing utensil when the bell rings.

    3.   No electronic devices visible or auditory 

    4.   Dress appropriately for an academic class (no excess of skin showing)

    5.     Follow the policies set up in the student handbook and policy addition from the Board of Education.

    6.   Retests or quizzes are allowed after an honest attempt has been made.(Teacher's judgement)

    7.   Any missed assignments due to a cut (absent from class without the instructors permission) may not be made up.

    8.  Rules may be added for individuals or classes that need them.