• Course Requirements/Syllabus for Baking


    These course requirements have been explained to me by the teacher, and I intend to assume my responsibility, as a student, to follow them.

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    Welcome to the Baking class. Your teacher is Ms.Greico.

    (Overview of course) This is a course in commercial baking. We will be producing baked goods in volume; not in teaspoons and cups but in pounds and gallons. The subject matter includes basic skills, theory and production of pies, cakes, cookies rolls decorating, etc.

    Classroom (or Shop) Rules (Including Uniform and Special Regulations)
    Each Student is required to wear a white bakers uniform and cloth apron. Students who enter baking should have an interest in the trade as a career goal upon completing the course. Students should practice good safety habits and cooperate with others in promoting a neat and productive bake shop. Students must have regular attendance and be to class on time to be successful.

    Safety Regulations (List Fire Exit Procedures and at least 2 major safety rules, including Protective Clothing, Equipment Regulations)
    1. All students will exit for fire drills outside the front classroom door, bear left and go outside through the front school door.
    2. There is no running, no horseplay or throwing of anything in the bake shop.
    3. Wipe up any spills immediately and use personal protective devices and proper clothing for sanitation, hygiene, and safety purposes.
    4. Operate and care for machinery and equipment so as to protect yourself and others from the possibility of accidents.

    Notebook Requirements and Supplies/Materials
    Each student must have a folder to keep his/her class notes in and to compile the recipes in along with an adequate number of pens and pencils.

    Homework Policy, Student Participation, Evaluation, and Grading Policy (May also include Special Projects or reports and Overall Requirements)

    Students are graded objectively on homework and written tests and exams. They are graded subjectively on the following:

    1.     Attendance

    2.     The ability to mix, makeup, proof, bake-off, and finish a product

    3.     The personal hygiene and neatness in which they work

    4.     Their ability to use hand tools and machines

    5.     The degree of excellence of the finished product

    6.     The amount of quality production in a class period

    7.     The safe manner in which they work and their ability to follow sanitation procedures/

    Objectives (Can be copied from course outline) Please see other side

    Topical Outline (List unit headings) Please see other side


    Course of Study Outline


    Exploratory Course

    Grade 9



    The exploratory-cycle course for Baking introduces the student to the demands and the rewards of the trade. The program includes an orientation to the shop, equipment, tools, utensils, and supplies; an introduction to relevant occupational and career information; an introduction to some basic job skills; safety, shop maintenance and sanitation; and personal hygiene.



                As an outcome of this experience, students should be able to:

    1.     Identify the tools, utensils, and equipment of the bake shop and know the appropriate use of each.

    2.     Practice safety procedures.

    3.     Practice personal hygiene and shop sanitation procedures.

    4.     Demonstrate an awareness of the career opportunities and job requirements in the baking trade.

    5.     Develop an awareness of the importance of proper work habits and attitudes.

    6.     Demonstrate an understanding of the basic terminology of the baking trade.

    7.     Perform basic manipulative skills in the preparation of baked products.

    8.     Better select a career area, based on interest and ability.


    Unit I    Orientation To The Trade

    A.    Brief Sketch of History and Background of Baking Trade

    B.    Career Opportunities and Employment Requirements

    1.     Allied and related careers

    2.     Demands, requirements and rewards of various jobs in the baking trade

    3.     Availability of postsecondary educational training programs

    4.     Licensing requirements

    5.     Opportunities for advancement

    6.     Guidance implications