• Welcome to Ms. Jarosiewicz’s Mathematics Class! 

    Email: jarosiewiczm@mcvts.net 

    Telephone: 732-572-9494

    Teacher Web Page: https://www.mcvts.net/Domain/262


    Objective: To ensure that I provide the most conducive learning environment for my students so that they may reach their fullest potential in the mathematics content they are learning this year. If you, as my student, are willing to put the effort in, I will do the same for you. Over the course of this year, my goal is to establish and maintain a classroom with a positive, safe, and friendly learning atmosphere.  All students have the right to learn in a comfortable environment, and I expect your help in order to create this type of setting on a daily basis.  Please come to class each day prepared to learn and ready to work cooperatively with your peers! 

    All students are required to have:

    • PENCILS and erasers (All math work must be done in pencil!)
    • Graphing calculator (one will be provided)
    • Marble Notebook (Interactive Student Notebook, ISN – one will be provided)


    • Extra copies of worksheets will be available in our classroom when you are absent on the back cabinet. It is your responsibility to make up all work, pick up the make-up work, and seek extra help if needed.
    • Please note: If you return to class on the day of a test or quiz, and have only missed a review while you were absent, then you will take the test with the rest of the class.  If you are only absent on the day of a test or quiz, you will make up the assessment upon your return to school.
    • Special arrangements will be made for extenuating circumstances.
    • If you are going to be late to this class please make sure you get a pass otherwise it will count against you. Remember late is late is late!

    Grading Policy

    • Homework 15%
    • Quiz 25%
    • Test 35%
    • Classwork 25%

    Approximately every Monday I will be sending home a grade verification sheet to be signed by your parent/guadrian acknowledging your performance in this class.

    In order to receive full credit on any assessment, all work must be written in pencil, neat, and legible!

    ** Remember: your goal is to achieve an A average for each marking level and you will be exempt from taking the FINAL



    Extra Help

    • Extra help is in the Media Center (7:40 – 8:40 am) and (3:30 – 5:30 pm) after school buses available.
    • If you are having any difficulties with the course, please make arrangements to get additional help immediately.

     Classroom Guidelines

    1. Being on time is essential
    2. Food is NOT permitted in this classroom 
    3. Acting appropriate at all time is required and expected
    4. Charging your electronic devices is only allowed at the charging station. You are not allowed to get up out of your seat to check it.
    5. All policies from Piscataway Vocational and Technical High School apply as well to this classroom

    (There are consequences that come with failing to comply in any of the above mention, i.e. detention, loss of points etc.)

     Classroom Procedures

    • Come into the room quietly, grab your assigned calculator, your ISN (Interactive Student Notebook) and work on the Warm up 
    • We will work on the days lesson broken up with teacher led instruction and various practice methods
    • Formative Assessment (Quiz, Exit ticket, verbal discussion, etc.)

    Online Resources:

    These websites are available at home should you need more assistance in solving a problem:

    1. Howtostudy.org – procedures for studying properly
    2. Desmos.com – online graphing calculator
    3. youtube.com
    4. khanacademy.com
    5. Artofproblemsolving.com – focuses more on algebra topics
    6. cliffsnotes.com
    7. patrickjmt.com
    8. www.ixl.com

    (#3 - 7 are video tutorials, you need to type in the topic you are struggling with and there will be step-by-step procedures for you to follow)

    Remind 101:

    It is not mandatory, but encouraged, to participate in your period’s Remind 101 group. Remind 101 is a free messaging service provided via cell phone to remind students/parents of upcoming assignments and assessments due dates.

    Please fill in your periods remind 101 code here: To: ______________ Message:__________________

    **I would like to stress, this mathematics class you are placed in will be time consuming and challenging. You need to always put forth your best effort and time if you would like to be successful in this class.

    Good luck this year!