• Welcome to English  


    As your facilitator, my goal is to help you reach your highest level of academic ability. I strive for success, and I expect you to do the same because I know you can. As we embark this journey together, it is imperative to keep in mind that cooperation and respect are keys to establishing a congenial working atmosphere. In this class, we will strive to improve and master various ways of expressing ourselves. We will accomplish this by reading and writing various genres, as well as by speaking, listening, analyzing, and researching.


    What You Will Need Daily

    You are required to bring a notebook or binder dedicated to English, pocket folder, planner, and writing utensils to class every day.  


    You will be graded in a variety of ways:

    Tests/Quizzes (includes pop-quizzes/Projects/Presentations/Reports /Research paper                

    Homework /Reflection/Journal Response/Vocabulary  

    Class Participation/Classwork


    The percentages are as follows:


    Classwork- 25%


    Test/Projects -35%



    Attendance/Make Up Work

    Poor attendance results in poor grades. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see me for the make-up work before or after class. If you are out one day, you have one day to complete the makeup work, and so on. Assignments missed due to cutting class may NOT be made up. You will get a ZERO for cutting class.



    You will receive homework weekly. All homework is recorded on the board. Most homework is due on Fridays. Please also view the MCVTS website for due dates.


    Homework/Project/Report/Presentation Deadlines

    You must come to class with the assignment already completed on the day it is due. For example, any assignment handed in one day late will be marked down one letter grade from the grade it would have received (if it was “B” work, you would receive a “C”). An assignment handed in two days late will be marked down two letter grades (a “B” becomes a “D”). I will not accept any assignment by the third day (an assignment due on Monday will not be accepted on Thursday).



    Plagiarism is stealing, plain and simple. If you are caught, you will receive a zero for the assignment or project. You will also face possible suspension as determined by a school administrator.  DO YOUR OWN WORK!


    Classroom Rules

    • Be on time. You will not get warm-up (Do-now) credit if you are late without an excuse.

    • Be prepared. You must bring your notebook, folder, pen or pencil. Please do not use red pens or gel pens for class work or homework. I will not accept it. Take pride in your work.

    • NO electronics are allowed to be used or visible. This means turning off and putting away cell phones, iPods, or any other electronic devices before you enter the classroom.  We should not hear or see your cell phone. Only one warning will be given. You will receive a zero if you choose not to adhere to the warning. In addition, your parent/guardian will be contacted.

    • Stay seated until the bell rings. Do not line up at the door. You should be working until the bell rings.

    • No hats allowed. In the class or the hall.

    • Clothing. Dress appropriately. No pants hanging and no unnecessary exposure. Respect yourself and prepare yourself for the workplace.

    • Be ready to learn and stay awake and alert. Sleeping or putting your head down on the desk will earn you an automatic pass to the nurse.

    • Respect yourself and each other.  Do not speak when others are speaking. Be a good listener. Avoid profanity and racial slurs. Your language is a perception of you. Respect others and their property. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    • No eating or drinking in class. Eat in the cafeteria at your scheduled time.

    • Raise your hand to be heard.

    • Adhere to the school rules set forth in the policy.


    Course Schedule


    In this course, you will continue to develop and refine your skills in reading and writing as you study American Literature. We will study both classic and contemporary American authors. Activities will include writing in a variety of genres, reading independently, developing vocabulary skills, and learning important test-taking strategies for upcoming state examinations. We will read and explore at least one novel each marking period. 


    This course is designed to prepare you for life after high school, whether you are entering the workforce or attending college. Please do not hesitate to ask for help. I want you to succeed. I can be best reached at pattersons@mcvts.net or by calling the school at 732-985-0717.


    I look forward to our year together!  



    Please note that the signatures mean you understand and agree to adhere to the class rules and this syllabus.


    Thank you for your cooperation,



    Dr. Patterson (Dr. P.)



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