1. Cameras on! If you’re in the class, be present in the class. (I will be taking attendance at the beginning of class so don’t be late)
    2. Mute yourself to eliminate background noise.
    3. When you have something to say, unmute yourself.
    4. Watch your fellow group members’ microphones; if you see someone unmute, give them the air time.
    5. Be on time! If you are working on an activity/assignment, come back to the main room/google meet at the appointed time.
    6. Use the chat area to post questions and comments; however, be respectful of all in voicing your opinion.
    7. If you have any questions or need assistance you can remain in the google meet so I can answer all your questions while the rest of the class is working on an activity/assignment.
    8. Students are responsible for making up missed assignments from excused absences. (You have till the end of the marking period to make up work)
    9. You will receive only partial credit for late work.



    You will receive a daily assignment and you will be graded. Assignments which are assigned as class work are due the same day in the turn in bin in google classroom. Homework is due the next scheduled class in the turn in bin in google classroom, unless I give other directions for a due-date. If you are having difficulty in submitting your classwork/homework in the turn in bin you can always email your assignment at pauls@mcvts.net. You will receive only partial credit for late work! You will receive a ZERO for any assignment not accepted or handed in. If you have an excused absence the day the work is due, you may turn it in the day you return, for credit. If you have an EXCUSED ABSENCE, you will be given a due date to complete your assignment for credit. For an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE, work cannot be made up! It is counted as a zero!!! There will be assigned quizzes/tests which are to be submitted no later than the due date.


    Grade breakdown is as follows:

    15%   ---------------- Homework

    25 %  -----------------Class work

    25%   -----------------Quizzes

    35%   -----------------Tests/Projects


    (A- , A, A+) 90 to 100% Excellent; (B- , B, B+) 80 to 89% Good

    (C-, C ,C+) 70 to 79% Average ; D- 65% to 69% Below Average

    F –below 65%Failure I- Incomplete; All Makeup work is due on or before the last

    day of each Marking Period.

     Minimum Grade =50% for each marking period.

    Minimum Grade =50% for each marking period.

    FINAL EXAM -You must receive a 90 (A-) or better EACH marking period to be exempt from final exams.