• English Syllabus

    Grades 9, 10, and 11
    Ms. Schwenck
    English Instructor

    Presented here are guidelines and expectations for your student's English Class for the year 2019-20. Our ninth and tenth grader's goals are to develop reading and writing skills in preparation for the upcoming NJSLA. I will assess each student and teach each student appropriately; part of our student population will be taking the Alternative Assessment in eleventh grade, our goal is to provide an appropriate and rigorous curriculum. I sincerely expect that each student does his/her best to achieve his/her potential in hopes they will reach their highest expectations.

    We have a few rules in our class; they are strictly enforced, and if not observed, they will result in consequences.

    1. All students must arrive promptly, there are NO allowances, and lateness will result in a lessening of the daily participation grade.

    2. All students must report to the teacher during a fire drill. We take these very seriously, and I am responsible for your child's safety, I need to know where your children are.

    3. All students must respect the teacher, his/her fellow students, and themselves. We do NOT tolerate disrespect. If your student is sent from the room, he or she will receive a copy of his/her discipline sheet, and he/she will be spoken to by his/her counselor or the principal.

    4. all students must remain seated until the bell rings at the end of the period. There is no reason for any student to be up before the bell rings, I have full lessons planned, and I want your student's attention.

    I feel an urgency to educate your child, I have worked very hard to prepare my lessons to benefit all of our children. I ask that they try new things and expand their minds and attitudes; however, I will not let then continue unsuccessfully. I will assure each success in their work and make every effort to spend time with any student in need.

    With our best efforts, we can all achieve our goals. I am hoping I will have your support if I should need to call home. I hope to have your help if you have any questions, feel free to email me at Schwencke@mcvts.net. I will return your email as soon as possible. I assure you I have your child's best interests in mind. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Let's have a wonderful school year!

    Ms. Schwenck