Yearbook Committee

  •  *As we progress with an unusual schedule during CoVid, we will update this page as we are informed of our safe rules of operation.

    Our Yearbook Committee, quite simply, is a small group of students who are excited about learning new software, experimenting with photography, and paying attention to detail. We begin building our yearbook after students receive their student photo packages in late October, and completion typically occurs around May 11th. 
    Access to the internet at home is strongly preferred.
    Do I need to be great at art to be on the Committee? - Heck no!  While we do have a couple of school artists who make unique art for our yearbooks, most of the creativity in our yearbooks is designed from pre-made graphics that are uploaded into the book.
    I have never done something like this before.  Am I eligible?  - If you can make the time to dedicate yourself to this project, you are totally eligible.  Game on!
    I like to do art, but I am not comfortable on computers.  Is there something for me to do? - Absolutely! Come see us, please.
    I'm just a freshman.  Does that matter? - No, no, and no.  We want you!  If you join now, imagine how awesome you will be in 4 years!
    I've never worked in a group before.  Is that a big deal? - Of course not!  This is a great way to learn to work in a team, though remember, you will be working on pages by yourself, too.
    I don't know the software, and I'm nervous about making mistakes. - Fear not! We have student editors who are very friendly, will be happy to teach you the software, and will catch the mistakes.  Who knows...maybe that could be you in a year or two...
    Who is on the committee? - Why not join and find out?
    How would we communicate out of school? - We standardly communicate via the app Remind. It is a safe way to exchange knowledge without the pressure of exchanging personal phone numbers. 
    Interested?  See Ms. Henderson (C-140) or Dr. Patterson (C-141) before or during homeroom.
    Rachel Henderson -
    Simone Patterson -
    732-985-0717 X 2200