•  United States History I                                             

    United States History I is a required course for all students. Using a chronological approach, students will study United States History from Colonial times through the American Revolution to the Civil War, the Age of Industrialization, through Gilded Age, the Progressive Era, World War I, and final the Roaring 20's. Students will be made aware of our pluralistic society and of contributions of individuals and groups to our American Heritage.

    Tests and quizzes: There will be 7-9 quizzes and 2-3 tests each marking period. Periodically there will be projects that will count as a test or quiz grades.

    All tests will be announced. (35%)  Quizzes (25%)


    Homework is given on some days and when class work is not finished. When there is no written homework students should go over the material we have been covering. I do not accept late homework unless serious circumstances arise.  Homework (15%)


    Classwork/Class Participation Grade (25%) (weekly grade)


    Did the student come prepared to class with book, notebook, and writing utensil?

    Did the student come on time for class?

    Did the student complete the work for the week?

    Student participation in Discussions
    Phone Usage


    Class Rules

     1. Respect each other

     2. Be on time/Prepared

              3. No cell phones

              4. No Eating


    Extra help is available for any student who wants to avail him/herself to it. I am available before and after school.


    Parents or students may contact me at leonardisj@mcvts.net or call the school.