• White Cane Artificial Eye (aEye) is a handheld device that measures the distance from the device to the closest object in front of the user.  The device implements ultrasonic sensor technology to create a basic image of the user’s surroundings.  Furthermore, there will be additional side sensors to detect the presence of objects to the sides of the user.  The device will use the ultrasonic sensor data and analog wave analysis to determine this distance.  It will then provide tactile feedback based on the relative distance from the user to the object the device is pointing at.          

    aEye will facilitate the navigation of visually impaired users on a day-to-day basis.  The users can benefit from its utilities without having to physically touch the ground, as is the case with a normal white cane.  With this device, users will be able to identify potential obstacles in their path.  Therefore, the device will make traveling through cluttered areas, where a walking stick is not as practical, easier.