• All of our graduates have been accepted at very prestigious four-year colleges and universities. While our students have indicated that they enjoyed learning about careers in their chosen career field, a number of seniors express an interest in changing career fields or pursuing other interests in college. Because the curriculum is broad and academically challenging, they are well prepared for many careers and have many options. Our 2021 Academy Graduates have been accepted and are attending many post-secondary colleges and universities including:

    Brown University, Rhode Island
    Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania
    Cornell University, New York
    Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia 
    New Jersey Institute of Technology, New Jersey
    New York University, New York
    Northeastern University, Massachusetts
    Olin College, Massachusetts
    Purdue University, Indiana
    Rowan University, New Jersey
    Rutgers University, New Jersey
    UC Berkeley, California
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
    University of Maryland, Maryland
    University of Virginia, Virginia
    United States Naval Academy, Maryland
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts