•  Class Expectations


    I am looking forward to a successful school year.  Following are my expectations for students in my class.  Through the cooperation of the class, we can assure that we have a great year together. 

    1) Students will come to class on time and prepared with all of their materials.  No one will be permitted to leave the room for forgotten materials.

    2) Unexcused absences and lates will result in a zero for any missed classwork.  Work missed during unexcused absences cannot be made up.

    3) Homework is to be completed and turned in on time.  Failure to turn in homework on time will result in a zero grade for the assignment.

    4) When a student has an excused absence, he or she is responsible for making up all of the missed work.  Students will have the number of days absent to make up all work. (For example, a student who is absent Monday and returns Tuesday has until Wednesday to turn in all work. A student that is out Monday and Tuesday, and returns Wednesday, will have until Friday to turn in all work.)  Tests and Quizzes are to be made up according to the same timetable.  It is the students’ responsibility to both come to me for missed assignments and to turn in the assignments.  Students who know they are going to be out for extended periods of time are encouraged to request work before they go.  This, however, is not a guarantee that there will not be additional work to make up when he or she returns to school.

     5) Phones and other electronic devices are not permitted in class and will be confiscated if they are seen.

    6) No food or drink (other than water) is permitted in class.

    7) Students will treat themselves and each other with respect.  Foul language and bullying will not be tolerated. 

    8) Students are expected to work hard in class, and on all assignments.  Do not cause distractions to the rest of the class.


    If any problems arise at any point, please feel free to talk to me so we can settle any discrepancies and work through any issues.