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    And the nominees are…!

    Piscataway Campus seeks nominations for The Distinguished Alumni Awards.  “Thanks to TAPA and our Piscataway Campus Administration, Piscataway Campus will honor outstanding graduates and bring them back to their alma mater so that we can all celebrate their outstanding achievements. The recipients of The Distinguished Alumni Awards will inspire current and future generations of students to emulate Piscataway Campus’s graduates’ discipline, innovation and service.”

    The Distinguished Alumni Awards will be awarded to noteworthy alumni who meet the criteria established by TAPA and approved by the Piscataway Campus Administration.  The awards committee will consider alumni who graduated from Piscataway Campus.  Other criteria are listed on the nomination form.

    Inductees will be feted at a special evening ceremony and dinner hosted by TAPA in May, and they will be invited to a daytime assembly organized by the Student Government Organization.  A wall bearing “then and now” portrait photographs and biographies of the Distinguished Graduates will be  a plaque dedicated to the individual. 

    Please note that Piscataway Campus alumni, current and former faculty members, students, parents, relatives, friends and community members are encouraged to make nominations by March 31, 2014.  The nomination form and details for submitting it may be accessed by clicking “The Distinguished Alumni Awards”  link. The form is also available in the Main Offices at the high school.  Anyone with questions is encouraged to email us at ptech@mcvts.net


    Distinguished Graduate Nomination Form