Assignment for the Summer of 2020
    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2024:

    Welcome to a new and exciting educational adventure!  To help prepare you for the journey, please find below the summer reading requirements.

    Please review the list carefully. A short review of each book can be found at most online book retailers.  The titles have been carefully compiled with both student interest and relevance to the World Literature curriculum in mind.  

    The decision as to which books are appropriate and acceptable for each child ultimately rests with the parent/guardian.  If you find any book to be objectionable in any way, please understand that your child is not compelled to read that particular book.  The list offers a wide range of choices.  

    An important aspect of summer reading is enjoyment.  You might consider securing sound recordings of the books—not to use in place of the printed text, but in conjunction with it. 

    Have a safe, fun, and relaxing summer! 

    All in-coming 9th grade students are required to read The Hobbit (J. R. R. Tolkien) by the start of school in September.

    In addition to The Hobbit, students should read one book from the list below. 

    In other words, students are required to read two (2) books over the summer.  All students must read The Hobbit plus one additional book from the list below.

    Students will be tested over the books in September.  Reading Sparknotes and other online study aids instead of the actual books is not a good idea.  Students are free to use online resources as a supplement to reading the books.

    In addition to The Hobbit, read one book from the list below:

    Bless Me, Ultima                                  Anaya

    The House on Mango Street                Cisneros

    The Art of Happiness                           Dalai Lama

    The Count of Monte Cristo                  Dumas

    Like Water for Chocolate                     Esquivel

    A Doll's House                                     Ibsen

    Nectar in a Sieve                                 Markandaya

    Cry, The Beloved Country                   Paton

    Iron and Silk                                        Salzman

    The Alchemist                                      Coelho

    Night                                                    Wiesel

    The Princess Bride                               Goldman