• Classroom Dynamics

    MCE consists of grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.  The program runs on a 4 block schedule.  Each block is 88 minutes, and each grade meets 5 days per week.  The cornerstone of our classroom dynamics is the “Brain Buffet”.  It is a system that maximizes student productivity and facilitates the development of time management skills.

    The “Brain Buffet” is a menu of value-added activities that students may choose after the lecture. They can choose to work on the assigned problem sets to reinforce the lecture, as well as getting private help, or they can work with their teams on their active projects. Students may work as individuals, small groups, or teams.  They are not restricted to our classroom and may work in the CAD Lab.  On any given day all of the possible combinations of students/activities/location may be in play.