• Application Process

    Step 1:

    Complete the online application - Click the link below

    Practical Nursing Application

    For more information call the LPN office 732-985-0717 Ext. 2271 

    • Deadline for Receiving Applications

      Sring Semester - Acceptance dates now through November 23, 2021


      Step 2:

      Submit application form and NON-REFUNDABLE Money Order in the amount of $55.00 Obtain application - Click the link below or Call 732-985-0717 Ext. 2271


      Your application fee of $55 may be paid online using a credit card.

      Follow the link below to pay registration fee online:

      Click here Registration Fee

       You may email your application packet to LPNDocs@mcvts.net as a pdf document.

       STEP 3:

      Take the Admission Test - ATI TEAS Test

      Register online at www.atitesting.com

      The Middlesex County Vocational and Technical School - Piscataway Campus is a testing site.

      If you have already completed ATI TEAS LPN test please send your official transcript from ATI to hoelerr@mcvts.net 

       If you have already completed ATI TEAS LPN test at a different location, please send your official transcript from ATI to LPNDocs@mcvts.net  See restrictions about submission of the results below 

       Your TEAS test must be current- taken in the past two years.  The official ATI transcript of your TEAS test result must be received by December 10, 2021 emailed immediately  to be considered for acceptance into the February 2022 program.  

       Step 4:

      Submit OFFICIAL documentation of high school education. 

      A signed copy of your social security card
      A copy of your birth certificate or valid employment authorization card or naturalization certificate or current USA passport
      A copy of your driver's license
      A copy of your hig school diploma or foreign transcript evaluation (see the evaluation tab to the left if you've ever had an education overseas)
      Please scan or email to lpndocs@mcvts.net
      Step 5:

      Attend information session with program Personnel.

       Step 6:

      Have Physical Exam (by Personal Physician)


      PROGRAM FEES (subject to change)

      Uniforms approximate cost $250.00-$300.00

      Books approximate cost: $700.00



      Call the LPN Office 732-985-0717 Ext.2271

      CPR and First Aid Certification courses: $50.00- each (approximate fee)