• Curriculum

    This curriculum represents the revised curriculum requirements for cosmetology and hairstyling programs in the public schools of New Jersey.  These new requirements comply with the standards set forth in the Cosmetology and Hairstyling Act of 1993.  This act combined the licensing procedures and regulations for barbers and cosmetologists in the state and called for the creation of a common examination for both fields under the direction of the newly formed State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling.

    Among the new requirements for cosmetologists are barbering/razor shaving, and scissor/clipper over comb.  Also, there will be lip hair removal (waxing), and eyebrow hair removal (tweezing).  These are to be mastered in addition to the current skills expected of licensed cosmetologist. 

    The curriculum is based upon the required minimum of 1,000 hours of instruction and includes the identification of the skills necessary for entry into the cosmetology and hairstyling profession.  The one-year adult technical school program provides for 80 more hours than this minimum requirement.