Engineering Week Activities:

    Dhruv Mehta
    Shree  Nadkarni

    Engineering Week Is Coming Up!

    “Discovering New Horizons”

    February 23, 2015 – February 27, 2015

    You may have noticed that Engineering Week has been announced on the morning announcements (S/O to Katrina!) for quite some time now. What is Engineering Week all about? Engineers Week—the only event of its kind—is a time to: Celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world, increase public dialogue about the need for engineers, and bring engineering to life for kids, educators, and parents.

    So what does it have to do with you?

    A lot, it turns out. Since we go to an Academy for Engineering, it behooves us to celebrate this “auspicious” occasion.

    Schedule for Engineering Week:

    ·         Monday, February 23 à Posters are due! The topic is “Engineering New Horizons: The best innovation from the 20th or 21st century.” Posters should be approximately 16 by 18 inches. They will be judged on Relevance, Creativity, and Accuracy.

    o   Prizes will be announced shortly – keep on the lookout on the announcements or on the Official MCA Facebook Group

    o   Prizes which are in the works include a Free Lunch, Drop 0’s or Extra P/P grade, or a parking pass for the front of the school (Seniors, read carefully) 

    ·         Tuesday, February 24 à Get out your most Engineer-like wear! We recommend a dress shirt and tie to go along with dress pants and shoes for the boys, and Dress shirt, pants/skirt, and shoes for the girls

    ·         Wednesday and Thursday, February 25 and 26à Your Task: Build a Catapult that can fit into the milk crate about 1ft x 1ft x 1ft (See Dr. Weinstein for accurate measurements) It Can be built before Wednesday, Feb. 24th, and whoever can throw the Beanbag Eagle the farthest wins (again, see Dr. Weinstein for accurate measurements for weight and volume of Eagle). You can form teams of up to 3 for this task. On Wednesday we will be building the catapult and on Thursday we will be testing the catapult. (See attached paper for guidelines regarding this task)

    ·         Friday, February 27 à Final Ceremony! All of the Awards will be distributed at this ceremony including: Consolation prizes for the Catapult, Poster Winners, Best Dressed in the Engineering Classes, and our final Catapult contest winners. Good Luck!

    Help make this our most successful Engineering Week yet!



    TEAM NAME: __________________ GRADE: ______

    TEAM MEMBERS: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Points awarded/taken off

    Number of Points Awarded

    Main Event: Distance
    How many feet/meters can you throw the beanbag eagle?

    12 points per foot


    Size constraints
    Does it fit in the box?

    -6 point for every inch exceeded out of the milk crate at a resting position (that is, you can’t hold back the lever that is throwing the beanbag and call it within constraints.)  You can, however, secure it using a device (not your arm) and if it is in the constraints then it is legal


    Accuracy, Neatness, and Overall Presentation
    (Consolation Prize for the highest design rating!)

    30 points total for design – judged by Engineering Instructor, 15 points from Dr. Weinstein and 15 from Mr. Paterno





    ECET Principles included?
    (I.E a Catapult that has LEDs that light up when the catapult is shot)

    The total score is doubled (from above)



    Download Document: