I n 2010, 35,680 robberies were committed in convenience stores, banks, and gas stations in the United  States. Robbery is an   increasingly serious problem in our nation. Many times, robbers  use threats of violence  to elicit compliance from their victims, usually clerks in convenience stores.  Police response time to these robberies is constrained by the fact that the crime victim is usually only able to call for help after the robbery has taken place.  To combat this problem, SASS (Speech Analysis Security  System,that immediately detects suspicious phrases or words to notify the police has been designed. In addition, this intelligent  speech analyzer product detects a code phrase, which, when spoken by an employee,will also send for help.  A microphone placed near the cash register of a store transmits the received signal to a Raspberry Pi stand alone computer board.  Speech recognition software searches for an alignment  between spoken phrases and a library of pre-programmed suspicious phrases, such as 'I have a gun" and 'Give me all your money", and also verifies the code phrase. The Raspberry Pi communicates with an android phone,which then sends for help. A cancel button is also included in case of a false alarm.