• First off, thanks for coming to this page.  Even in high school (maybe especially in high school!), your student can truly  benefit from your active involvement in  his or her education. I'd like to describe a quick way for  you to monitor your student's workload and progress.  If you haven't already received your Genesis Portal Access information from the guidance office, you will need to do that first.  Once you have access, please visit Genesis on a weekly basis.  I will post upcoming assignments as soon as possible.  If there is not a due date listed, then the students have not been assigned this work, in fact, we may not have even covered the material yet.  Once a due date is listed,  you will be able to talk about the assignment with your student.  Shortly after the due date has passed, you will see the grade entered for the assignment.  
    I will send messages about upcoming assignments and projects via Remind.com, and I will occasionally send e-mail updates through Genesis e-mail.
     Our school uses Google Classroom, and while some of the students' work will be via that platform, it's not a full picture of what we do each day. The best scenario for staying involved would to use Genesis and  Remind.com updates for a full picture.  
    Finally, I welcome parent and guardian engagement and invite you to contact me by e-mail at meagher-dielloj@mcvts.net .