• Class Rules
    1.  Come to class on time with  your necessary materials (book, notebook, pen/pencil,  homework).  
    2.  Begin working as soon as you sit down.
    3.  If you are absent, you must consult the class secretary to see the notes from the missed day.  If you missed a test or quiz, see Mrs. M-D as soon as possible to schedule a time to make up the work.  Do not wait until the end of the marking period.
    3b.  If you are in the building but do not come to class (shop activity, guidance or nurse's office) you are still responsible for seeing the class secretary to make up the work.  If you will be missing class for multiple days because of a shop activity, it is your responsibility to stop by the class sometime during your shop down-time (lunch, perhaps) to check the secretary's log and turn in the work when it is due.  Taking part in school activities during academic class does not exempt you from timely submission of all assignments.
    4.  Raise your hand to be called on in order to speak to the class.  This avoids confusion and allows the teacher and your classmates to give you the full attention that you deserve.
    5.   Be a kind person.  We treat each other well in this school.  
    6.   You may not use your cellphone or other technological device without being instructed to do so. If you use your phone without my authorization, expect an e-mail home. 
    7.  We work until the bell rings unless I tell you otherwise.  Do not start packing up your backpack three minutes before the bell rings.  
    8.  Stay in your desk until the bell rings.  We do not line up at the door.
    9.  Have fun (you often will).  Learn a lot (you always will).  Stay focused (sometimes it's hard). Smile!