These exercises  can be performed  anywhere  and any time since no machines  or equipment  is necessary.   If possible, you should do more free weight circuits than body weight circuits.  Refer to the calendar to see which circuits are recommended  for that week.



    1.    Body Squat

    Stand straight up with your hands clasped together behind your neck and feet shoulder width apart.

    Squat as if you were going to sit in a chair while keeping your back straight and chest out.

    Stop at the point where the top of your thighs are parallel to the ground and then return to the starting position.

    2.    Burpee

    Begin in a normal standing position with your arms by your side.  Squat and place both hands on the ground outside of your legs. Shift your weight to your hands as you kick both feet back, extending the legs fully. Complete on push-up and then quickly bring both  legs back under your body to the squat  position with weight remaining on your hands.  Then jump from the squat position as high as you can, extending your arms overhead.

    3.   Calf Raise

    From a standing position and hands clasped together behind your head, raise your heels as high off the

    ground as possible with weight on the balls of your feet, and then return heels to ground.


    4.   Jumping Knees to Chest (Jump KC)

    From a standing position, hop twice and then jump while flexing the knees and bringing them as near to the chest as possible at the top of your jump. Hop twice and repeat.

    5.    Lunge

    From a standing position, with hands touching the hips or behind the head, stride as far as possible with one leg, then flex the knee of that leg while keeping the other foot in place. Gradually shift your weight to the

    flexed leg until it is fully flexed. Push off with the flexed leg to return that leg to starting position, and then

    repeat with the other leg.

    6.    Split Squat

    Begin  with  one  foot  forward  and  one  foot  back  and  place  both  hands  clasped  together  behind  your  head. Squat down until the knee of your back leg is close (not touching) to the ground and the knee of your front leg is flexed at 90 degrees. Complete the required repetitions, then switch legs and repeat.


    7.        Split Squat Jump

    From a split squat position, squat down and jump into the air while bringing one leg forward and the other back (like scissors). You will land in a split squat position. Continue jumping while reversing the position of each leg.  Jump as high as possible.

    8.    Squat Jump

     This is similar to the squat, except that when you squat down, you then jump as high as possible, land in the    squat position and jump again.

    9.  Mountain Climber

    Start from a wide push up position.  Bring your right knee up under your body to the chest while keeping the

    left leg in the extended position, both hands on the ground and your head up. Return to starting position and then repeat with the left leg. This should be done rapidly like running in place with your hands on the





    1.    Dips


    Use a chair and place both hands on the edge of the seat with body facing away from chair. Legs are extended out and away with weight mostly on heels. Dip your weight down until your Triceps are

    parallel with the seat of the chair and the extend arms back to starting position.


    2.    Push-up

    Lay flat on your stomach with hands placed on the floor just outside of your chest.   While keeping your entire

    body straight, push up off the floor with the hands lifting the body off the ground until both arms are

    extended  and feet are still touching the floor.   Flex your arms, keep your entire body straight and stop when your chest is about 4 inches from the floor, then return to the extended position.  Your entire body should

    move off the floor at the same rate.

    3.    Wide Push-up

    This is similar to the normal push up with the exception  that your hands should be placed as far apart as






    Chest Exercises

    1.   Dumbbell Bench Press

    Start by lying with your back on a flat bench. Hold dumbbells  directly above your shoulders,  with your arms straight,  and both feet on the floor. Inhale as you lower the dumbbells to parallel with your chest, and then exhale as you press the weight back up to starting position.

    2.   Straight Arm Pullover

    Lie on your back on a flat bench; hold a dumbbell, elbows bent, and head beyond the end of the bench. Lower

    the weight past your head, and then pull the weight back to the starting position


    3.   Dumbbell Fly

    Lie on back on a flat bench. Hold dumbbells in each hand, with elbows bent, and DB just above the shoulders.

    Move the DB's away from each other and lower them, then return to the starting position.


    Back Exercises

    1.   Supported Dumbbell Row

    Lean over a bench, stabilizing yourself with one knee and hand (on the same side of your body). Hold a

    dumbbell  by your straight leg, then lift you elbow so your tricep is parallel with you back. Return to starting position.

    2.  Lat Pull Down

    Use the lat machine, grasp bar with hands wider than shoulder width apart. Have your palms face away from you. Pull bar down to upper chest and then extend arms again

     3. DB Shoulder Shrug


    Hold DBs with thumbs facing forwards.  Shrug your shoulders  up to the highest possible point, and then lower the DB's back to the starting position.

    Shoulder Exercises

    1.   Overhead Press

    Start with DB's supported  at shoulder level in front of your body. Press the weight overhead into a straight- arm position, and then lower the weight to your starting position.

    2.      Lateral Raise

    Hold DB's in each hand. Start with hands at sides; lift the weight out away from your body, and upward. Keep your arms fairly straight, raise weight to shoulder level.


    3.       DB Front Raise

    Lift DB out in front of your body. Keep arms straight, raise to shoulder level and back down.



    Arm Exercises

    1.   DB Curl

    Sit on a bench, holding DB's, with arms straight down by sides. Raise weight to shoulders  by moving your elbow joint. Then lower the weight back to the starting position.

    2.   Triceps Extension

    Sit and hold a DB over your head with both hands. Slowly lower the weight behind your head. Then push your hands back up to the starting position.

    3.   Bench Dips

    With your feet out, stabilize yourself on a bench by balancing on your palms. Lower your body weight by

    bending at your elbows. Lower yourself as far as possible. Then extend you arms and push your body weight back up.

    4.   Wrist Curl

    Sit on exercise bench with your forearms on the bench, and your wrists just beyond the end of the bench. Lift

    the DB by moving only your forearms and wrist. Then lower the weight back.


    Leg Exercises

    1.    Squat

    Stand holding a barbell across your shoulders and upper back. Keep your back straight and bend your knees and hips until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Return to a standing position.

    2.   Lunge

    Stand while holding a DB in each hand. Take a large step forward with one leg. Bend at the knee and lower

    body weight so thigh is parallel with the floor. Try to keep your knee directly above your foot. Extend your leg and step back to the starting position.

    3.    Step Up

    Start standing, holding DB's in both hands. Place one foot on the step in front of you; lift yourself up using

    your hip and leg muscles. Then step back down. Alternate feet each time you step up.

    4.   Knee Extension

    Sit at the machine with the padded exercise bar resting on your shins. Extend your legs at the knee joint, pushing the weight until it is parallel with the floor. Allow your legs to bend and return to the starting position.

    5.   Leg Curl

    Sit at the machine with your legs straight and your calves resting against the exercise pad. Bend your knees

    and pull your lower legs to your thighs, then extend your legs.

    6.   Calf Raise

    From a standing  position,  position a barbell across your upper back/shoulders, raise your heels as high off the ground as possible with weight on the balls of your feet, and then return heels to ground.




    Core Exercises

    1.    Anchor Holds

    Sit on the ground with legs extended. Simultaneously raise legs and arms so that you are balanced

    on your bottom with knees locked out and legs fully extended in air. Raise them as high as you can maintain balance.

    2.    Crossover Crunch (X-Crunch)

    Lay flat on your back with hands clasped together behind your neck, legs straight and feet off the ground.  To

    begin the exercise, lift your head off the ground also.  Simultaneously  flex your knees and raise your upper

    body off the ground, flexing at the waist.  Twist your upper body and touch your right elbow to your left knee and then return to starting position. The next time, raise up, twist and touch your left elbow to your right

    knee. This is one rep. Do not allow your feet or head to touch the ground during the exercise.

    3.    Flutter Kick

    Lay flat on your  back  with  your  arms  by your  side.  Begin  with  your  feet six inches  off the ground.  Keeping your legs straight, kick your feet up and down at a steady pace. Do not allow your feet to touch the ground during the exercise. The count for this exercise is: 123=1; 123=2; 123=3…etc. Your counting should keep the rhythm with your kicks.

    4.     Superman

    Lie face down, with your legs and arms stretched out. In one smooth movement, lift your arms and legs up into the "Superman" position. Your arms, head, and feet should be as high off the ground as possible with your back arched. Hold, then return to the start position.

    5.     Full Sit-up

    Lay flat on your back with your shoulder blades touching the floor, knees flexed and both feet flat on the floor. The arms are folded across and remain against the chest or rib cage with no gap between the forearms and

    the chest or rib cage when raising the upper body.  One repetition consists of raising the upper body from the starting position until the elbows or forearms touch the thighs and then returning to the starting position

    with the shoulder blades touching the floor.   No bouncing or arching of the lower back is allowed, and the

    buttocks will remain in the constant contact with the deck throughout the exercise.  An assistant may hold the feet or legs below the knees in whatever manner is most comfortable for the participant. Kneeling or sitting

    on the feet is permitted.

    6.    Jackknife

    Lay flat on your back with arms extended overhead on the floor. Legs should also be extended on the floor. Flex at the waist and simultaneously bring your legs up without flexing at the knees to meet your upper body halfway.   Your goal is to touch your chest to your legs without flexing at the knee.   Arms should remain away from the body extended outside of the legs.

    7.     Russian Twists

    Sit on ground with knees bent, feet off the ground and balanced  on your bottom (leaning back 45 degrees). Keep back straight and rotate arms from right to left touching the ground each time. Add a medicine ball or dumbbell weight for added difficulty.

    8.     Reverse Crunch with Hip Lift

    Lay flat on your back with arms folded across your chest.   Elbows should be touching chest and hands should be touching your chest. Your legs should be extended with your heels about 2 inches off the ground. Flex

    your knees until they touch your chest and then extend them up toward the ceiling until your hips leave the

    ground and then return to starting position.   It is important  to bring legs all the way up so that your hips leave

    the ground.

    9.     Side to Side

    Sit in an "L" position  with your legs extended  in front of you. Touch  your toe with your fingers  and then fall back diagonally  to the right, extending  your arms back over your head. Then lift yourself  up again, touch your toes, and down diagonally to the left.



    10.    V-twist

    Sit on the floor, keep feet together and lift them about 4 inches off the floor. Knees can be slightly flexed.

    Extend both arms straight ahead with hands close to the knees.   Twist your body at the waist, swinging  both feet as far as possible to your left while swinging both arms as far as possible in the opposite direction.  Your upper body should be twisting in the opposite direction as the lower body.  Feet should not touch the ground during exercise.

    11.    Scoop Abs

    Start in anchor hold position (lean back 45 degrees with legs up, and knees locked out). Pretend your feet are the tip of a shovel and scoop them down along the ground until legs are fully extended again and return to starting position.

    12.   Hip Rock n Raise

    Lay on your back with your legs in a butterfly position. Lift your hips and legs up off the ground. Keep your legs in the butterfly position. Then bring your lower body back to the floor.

    13.    Plank

    Lie face down on mat resting on the forearms,  palms flat on the floor. Push off the floor, raising up onto toes

    and resting on the elbows. Keep your back flat, in a straight line from head to heels. Tilt your pelvis and contract your abdominals to prevent your rear end from sticking up in the air.

    14.    Fifer Scissors

    Extend  one  leg as straight  as possible  slightly  above  the floor,  and  the other  leg straight  up to point  to the ceiling. With each second bring legs down so that each one will take the position of the other leg. So there will always be one leg that is straight to the ceiling, one leg straight, and parallel to the floor.

    15.  Side Bridge

    This is a side plank. Balance on forearm and edge of feet . Make sure your elbow is directly under your shoulder joint. Make a straight downward line from your shoulders > hips>knees> ankles.

    16.   Legs Raises


    Lie on back, bend at the waist, and extend legs fully. Raise hips off ground and keep legs straight. Then lowers

    hips back to the floor.