• Fitness Testing



    These are the fitness tests you will be responsible for during preseason training. Test yourself!




    Touch Test
    - Cones will be set in a "V" formation,  5 yards apart from the point of the "V". Person being tested will start at the point while there are two ball tossers 5 yards out at the top of the "V".
    - The tester will sprint forward and volley the ball back to the tosser on the right using all of the right side of the body. They will then back pedal to the start and sprint toward the person on the left performing the same volley using only the left side of the body.
    - The tester will continue sprint > backpedal> sprint from side to side until they have consecutively completed all of the volleys successfully on each side. The ball must return to tosser's hands to count.


    - The order is: foot volley, thigh to foot volley, chest to foot volley, header, jumping header.

    You will have 2 minutes to complete  the test accurately  and consecutively.  You may start over as

    many times as needed within the 2 minutes and 20 seconds.




    You will have 3 minutes to get 25 consecutive  juggles.  Ball has to start at feet, and touches must be consecutive. 


    Cooper 12 Minute Run
    - You will have 12 minutes to get 7 laps on the track.  The distance will be measured in intervals of 1/8 (i.e. 7 3/8 laps) and is used to calculate your VO2max.

    VO2max = (35.97 x miles) - 11.29 (in miles)

    Males- Superior- 1.9mi+(>55.9)          Fair- 1.5mi(41.9)          Poor- 1.25mi(33.7)

    Females- Superior- 1.5+(>41.9)         Fair- 1.25(33.7)           Poor- 1.00mi(47.3)




    Push-Up Test
    - You will complete 20 perfect push-ups.  You must use correct form:  body must stay straight; bottom must stay down; and be sure to come down far enough that your upper arm is parallel to the ground. You will be cut off if form breaks.
    Sit-Up Test
    - You will need to complete 55 perfect sit-ups consecutively. You will be in regular sit up position, with somebody  holding  your  feet.   Arms  will be at side (not on chest),  fingertips  must  drag  the ground. You will have to come up so that your chest touches thighs and shoulders  hit the ground when going back down.


    - You will try to complete the test in less than 6.50 seconds, touching every cone. You are being observed going right and left. (refer to test details in agility section)
    - You will try to complete the drill in 25.00 seconds or less from start to finish. (refer to test details in agility section)
    Fitness Standards





    Returning Players – By now you should have a good Idea what it will take to be competitive, let's stick with the program and have an outstanding season! Help the First year players expect more.




    First Year Players   – Use the standards as your guide. While I cannot place individual expectations on you, it is expected that you will do your part to help raise our team average in each test.  If you do not work out through the summer, it will be obvious when you arrive for preseason.






    A Little Advice…




    Only test yourself on designated times throughout the summer.  Once at the beginning to set goals for yourself, and once in the middle to see how you are progressing. Testing yourself weekly or biweekly will only frustrate you and take time away from the real work you should be doing. Learn how to mentally prepare yourself for the test and what you need to be thinking throughout to perform at a high level. Be confident and push comfort zones; it is the only way to improve 








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