• Classroom and Laboratory Code of Conduct

    I promise to:

    • Be respectful of all individuals, equipment, and furnishings of the classroom.  This means, if one person is talking, I will listen and wait my turn to speak. 
    • Refrain from eating or drinking in class (with the exception of water).
    • Clean up after myself.  Put the desks back as they were at the beginning of class; take my trash with me, etc.
    • Be prepared and ready to work when the bell rings.  This includes: being seated, with pen or pencil and paper at the beginning of the period. 
    • Listen and follow directions the first time I hear them.
    • Remain in my seat until the teacher dismisses me from class.
    • Use appropriate classroom language and an appropriate volume at all times.  There will be no name-calling.
    • Follow all safety procedures set forth for lab and class activities.  Failure to follow safety rules will result in a failure for that activity.
    • Follow all additional rules explained in the student handbook.


    Student Responsibilities

    I understand that:

    • All assignments are due on time at the beginning of the period.  I will not be permitted to leave the classroom to get an assignment.  If it is not in class and complete at the beginning of the period, it will be counted as late.  Late homework will be accepted one day late for 50%.
    • Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated.  If either occurs, it will result in a loss of credit for the item in question.
    • Supplies needed for class or lab must be brought to class each day and not doing so may result in loss of credit for the day’s activity.


    Course Content

    • The Structure & Function of Organisms
    • Organization of Matter & Energy Flow
    • Growth, Development, and Inheritance
    • Common Ancestry & Natural Selection
    • Interdependency & Dynamics in Ecosystems

    Grading Policy

                Grades will be calculated using a total points system. Each activity will have an assigned point value.  At the end of the marking period, all of the student’s earned points will be added together and divided by the number of possible points available during the marking period.  The percentage calculated will determine the student’s marking period grade. 


    Marking period grades will include grades from tests, quizzes, projects, labs, class work, homework, and class participation.  35% of students’ grades will consist of tests and projects, 25% will consist of quizzes, 15% will consist of homework, and 25% will consist of class participation and classroom assignments.

    Homework & Classwork

    • Every assignment should have the following heading on the top right side of the page:

                               Your Name (First and Last) 



                               Assignment Title

    • Any assignment handed in without a name will earn no credit.
    • Homework will be accepted one day late for 50%.
    • Missed assignments due to absence from school must be made up before progress reports are due if the absence is during the first half of the marking period, or before report cards are due if the absence is during the second half of the marking period.  Full credit will be given if made up within 2 weeks of your absence. (You will not be pursued about your missed work.) 
    • If you miss class without MY permission for any reason, you will not be given an opportunity to make up the classwork that is missed during that time (you will earn a score of zero on those assignments).  This means that you MAY NOT stay in shop or with any other teacher without getting MY permission before you miss my class. 



    • Tests will be announced a couple of days before they are given. 
    • Following each test, test corrections will be offered or a retake will be given on a day determined after the original test has been graded and reviewed. 
    • If a retake is given, any student absent on the date of the original test will take the retake as their makeup test. 
    • If a retake is given, any student absent on the date of the original or retake test will forfeit their opportunity to improve their test grade.
    • If a retake is given, any student absent on both the date of the original test and the retake will earn a zero on the assignment, unless discussed with me prior to the absence.
    • Students are not required to complete test corrections or take a retake if they are happy with their original grade.  Any student who decides to retake the test will have both grades averaged to determine their final grade on the test.  It should be noted that the retake may not be the same format as the original test; however, it will cover the same material.


    Questions and Concerns

    Please feel free to meet with me outside of class if you are having problems.  Should you have questions before a test, concerns about a project, or trouble with an assignment, don’t be afraid to sit down to talk about it.  E-mail me or track me down to set up an appointment to get together.  I am more than happy to meet with you.