• Current Events Homework

    Grades 11 CP

    During marking period 1 and 4, Current Event Reflections are due bi-weekly. All Current Event Reflections must be submitted through Google Chrome. You will see a link where you are to upload your Current Event Reflection. Please do not share your Current Event Reflection with me. You will be given one full class period to work on this assignment in class. 
    All marking periods: 
    Please note you will receive bi-weekly vocabulary words. Please be sure to review your vocabulary. Please study and be prepared for a quiz. 
    Weekly you will receive short non-fiction reading texts.
    MLA Heading format:
    Teacher name
    Inverted date (21 September 2015)
    Center Title 
    All typed assignments must be written in MLA format, uploaded to Google Chrome, and printed.  

    Reminder: Please come to class prepared. Unannounced quizzes will be given.  

    During the February, we will read the play, A Raisin in the Sun
    Let's embark this journey together.