One problem many people face is conveniently finding and obtaining objects in organizers or dispensers.  Often a user will have to spend time looking for a particular object in a dispenser or organizer before being able to manually obtain it.  Reducing this time might be very beneficial such as medical applications whereby a doctor needs a specific instrument or a particular medical supply.  Using a mechanism to allow the product to dispense an object without a need to search for that object is priceless. The  Electronic Voice Activated Item Dispenser, (EVAID), is an automatic dispenser system that dispenses items in response to voice commands.  Upon acceptance of the voice command, the user can then obtain the object and manually close the tray.  Furthermore, the user is notified if the voice command is rejected. The design is under the control of an Arduino micro-controller (and program) interfaced with an EasyVR Shield performing the speaker independent speech recognition.