One problem many people face when using an elevator is that they may know the specific person or room that they want to visit but not necessarily the floor they're on. Additionally, sometimes it is inconvenient for a user to try to use the buttons because they are carrying packages, are disabled, etc.

    This innovation, Tellevator, aims to solve this problem by designing a system that responds to voice commands in order to control an elevator's movement. The user uses various predefined commands to control the elevator's movement through different floors. The user(s) will be prompted to name the floor(s) they wish to go to by speaking directly into a microphone.  In case a command is not recognized, Tellevator will ask for the command again. Furthermore, users can name the room or person they want to go to. This is quite useful especially when a user doesn't know which floor the office/room is on. This option acts as an assistant in addition to the standard buttons.