According to a recent study performed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, self­ reported stress levels in the United States have increased by over 30% in the past few decades. This is a major issue, as high stress levels can lead to a number of health problems later in life, including heart disease, obesity, and depression. Without proper regulation, long-term stress can have many deleterious effects.

    To combat this problem, S.M.A.R.T. (Stress Management And Relief Technologies) help users understand their stress levels over a period of time. The system uses an android app to monitor the user's behavior and check for irregularities. Specifically, the application looks for key words and phrases in the user's messages (i.e. swear words) and frequency of spelling errors over time. The application also monitors a user's typing speed (in characters per second) and the number of messages sent over time. An increased frequency in these factors indicates a shift in the user's behaviors. While a change in behavior is detected, the app advises the use of a stress ball, which uses an Arduino to measure pressure applied by squeezing the ball. The stress ball detects when the user has calmed down (i.e. when the pressure on the ball has decreased) and communicates that information to the android app through Bluetooth technology. The app also allows the user to view their data (content, spelling errors, typing speed, number of messages, and stress ball relief information), so he or she is able to identify the possible causes of stress. S.M.A.R.T. not only allows users to understand their behavior over time, but also relieve their stress.