• Physical Education Class Dress Code and Grading Standards (rev. 4/5/22)

    Students should bring appropriate clothes for PE Class. Clothing should be loose 
    enough to work out and not so loose as to fall off and cause an embarrassing moment. 
    Remember when you are active in class you will sweat and this will cause bacteria to form 
    which results in odors. So a change of clothing is required. 



    Students must wear sneakers to class. A change of sneakers for preferable. In the mornings, 
    the fields are very wet and sometimes muddy. Sneakers should fit properly and have shoelaces 
    or Velcro to keep them in place. We also recommend a change of socks to be left in your locker just incase the fields are wet. 

    Shorts/ Pants:

    Sweat pants, athletic shorts (elastic waist running shorts, work out shorts and basketball shorts), 
    joggers/track pants, warm-ups pants, yoga pants, and leggings are required for 
    physical education.

    Shorts must meet dress code standards (go below fingertips when student stands with their 
    arms to their side) and be comfortable to move around in. Shorts with excessive pockets, 
    zippers and buttons are not acceptable. These can be hazardous during certain sports.

    Preferences would be pants with an elastic waist, which provides movement and comfort during 


    Students should have loose neck tee shirts to wear for class. Tank tops of any kind are not 
    allowed. Necklines must be high, and shirts should be long enough to cover the student's 
    midsection when they lift their arms above their head. When the weather is colder, it is 
    recommended students bring a sweatshirt or hoodie with them to class. If you are wearing a 
    hoodie, you are not allowed to have the hood up at any time.




    PE teachers will not secure student jewelry, and the school district is not responsible for injury 
    due to wearing stud earrings, or for lost, stolen or misplaced jewelry. Students who do not 
    remove jewelry cannot participate and are considered unprepared for PE class.


    Medical Excuses/Passes to the Nurse: Students may be excused from PE class for medical reasons according to the following guidelines.

    •  ONE DAY MEDICAL EXCUSE- A parent note may be accepted by the PE teacher 
      for a 1-DAY excuse only. However, the student must still get changed for Physical 
      Education class. No more than 2 such notes per Marking Period.
    • PASS TO NURSE- In order to go to the nurse, a student must be prepared for PE 
      (dressed) and given a pass by the PE teacher. The nurse will determine if you are 
      excused from physical participation. Going directly to the Nurse will result being 
      marked as unprepared. No Exceptions
    • DOCTOR’S NOTE- Students must have a doctor’s note for an extended excuse, and 
      you do not change for PE. The doctor’s note must specify the diagnosis and the 
      length of the excuse. The nurse will obtain the documentation, follow up on the start,
      and end dates for each student’s PE Medically Excused status.
    • Students that are medically excused from physical participation are to report to the 
      Gymnasium and do not have to change. When the PE classes are outside students 
      that are medically excused from physical participation, will report to the main office 
      for their assigned class destination. 


    There are three marking periods of Physical Education classes per year. Each Marking Period 
    is 9 weeks. At the beginning of each marking period, you will start with 1,000 points distributed 
    across three categories. These categories are Affective, Psychomotor and Cognitive. Please 
    review the definitions and grading standards for each category below.

    Affective - 500pts (50% of Grade Average)

    This category is for being properly dressed to participate in class as well as class participation 
    itself. If you are not properly dressed for PE Class, you cannot participate.

    • For each class that you are not prepared to participate in, your Affective Grade is 
      lowered by 60 points(single period class), and 120 points (for block period class).
    • If you are properly dressed but do not participate in class your Affective Grade for 
      that day will be lowered by 60 points.
    • If you are late to class and it is not excused your Affective grade will be lowered 
      by 15 points for each 10 minute period that you are tardy. If you have an 
      unexcused tardy it is the equivalent of not participating in class – if you are not 
      here you cannot participate. Each time you are late to class the instructor will 
      phone the parent/guardian and contact your counselor.
    • An excused tardy will not affect your grade.

    Psychomotor- 350pts (35% of Grade Average)

    Evaluate student’s critical skill techniques for the unit(s) taught: (i.e., Football – 1. Throwing 2. 
    Catching). There will be a minimum of 4 psychomotor assessments per marking period. 

    The instructor will assess the student’s techniques of the current skill and if the student performs
    that skill properly, at least 2 out of 5 attempts the student gets full credit. (We are not expecting 
    perfection every repetition that is not what “competent” means). The skill being evaluated will 
    be explained with a rubric that includes point values for performance.

    Cognitive- 150pts (15% of Grade Average) 

    There will be 3 written assessments per marking period. Each assessment is worth 50 points. 

    The above constitutes the grading policy that is currently in effect. Any changes 
    to this policy will be posted, in advance, on Google Classroom and Instructor’s Webpage.


Rubric For Physical Education Class Deductions