• Welcome to the Grade 9 and 10  English page!     

     I am Ms. Henderson, and I teach 6 sections of English on our campus.

    Our students in Grade 9 & 10 will be following the practices of the PARCC philosophy.  PARCC serves students by helping to develop graduates who think at a more sophisticated level. Note that the curriculum is rigorous, and it is being implemented by all high schools in New Jersey.

    Students can expect to have homework on a regular basis, most often with all weekly tasks being graded on Thursdays/Fridays. One major, weekly assignment will be vocabulary enrichment.  Students should be prepared to expand their vocabulary by 15-20 words each week.  They will get these words via Greek & Latin Roots handouts.  Students will also be reading the news, and reporting on it.

    So you are aware, the following represents the courses I am teaching in 2021-2022. 

    - English 9 CP/ICR (2 sections)  *With my fabulous team teacher Ms. Susan Anglum  (anglums@mcvts.net)
    - English 10 CP   *With my fabulous team teacher Ms. Mulligan-Pierre (email tbd)
    - English 12 Honors/MCC Concurrent Credit
    - English 12 CP (2 sections)
       This year, our school district is conintinuing to embrace 21st Century technology.  As such, we are asking that students take advantage of Remind, a free and anonymous text-messaging platform that reminds students of upcoming due dates, as well as the expanding Google technology.  Expect your student to be working with Google Classroom, Common Lit, Kahoot, Ed Puzzle, and other excellent tools to help them engage in the learning process. 
    To get into Google Classroom, you must use your school (mcvts) email address.    To join Remind, text your code to the phone number 81010.  If you want to get Remind by email, email me at hendersont@mcvts.net, and I will happily send you the directions.
    Here are the codes to use: 
    Over the course of the year, students will be challenged with completing at least one project each marking period, that relates to the theme to be discussed during each quarter.
    Throughout the year, we will also be dedicating time enhancing writing skills.  Time will be spent developing the ability to critically write and respond to queries that cross the curriculum, strengthening effective mechanics, and we will be striving to approach our responses to texts with replies that require use of higher order thinking skills.

     If at any time you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me at hendersont@mcvts.net or 732~985~0717X2200.