Programs, Policies and Procedures


        The Health and Physical Education Program is scheduled as a 4 marking period course. All students must be enrolled in Health/Physical Education every year of enrollment as required for graduation by the State and Board Policy. The Health class is one marking period (Driver Education in 10th grade), and the Physical Education class is three marking periods.

        This course will consist of Team Sports (Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Speedball, etc), Individual Sports (Weight Training, Tennis, Golf, Badminton, Recreational Games, etc.), and Physical Fitness (Cardio – Vascular Development, Strength, Flexibility, etc.).



        As per the Board Policy on Student Attendance, students who exceed 20 days of unexcused absences in PE,  will be required to attend Enrichment Intervention program

    Tardiness – tardiness will be handled on an individual basis, which could include a warning, teacher detention, referral to administration, etc.

    • Any absence from class may require you to make up all work that you miss.

    • Anyone leaving class early without permission will be issued a cut slip.

    • Students are not excused from Physical Education to work in other classes.

    • No passes from other teachers are accepted for missing class.



        Students may be excused from PE class for medical reasons according to the following guidelines:

    • Parent Note - A parental note may be accepted by the PE teacher for a one day excuse only, but the student must still get changed for Physical Education class. No more than 2 notes a Marking Period

    • Nurse - In order to go to the nurse, a student must be prepared for PE (dressed) and given a pass by the PE teacher. The nurse and teacher will determine if you will be excused.

    • Doctor’s Notes - Students must have a doctor’s note for an extended excuse, and you do not change for PE. The PE teacher must sign the note before you go to the nurse for follow – up, verification and approval. The doctor’s note must indicate the diagnosis, and specify the length of time for the excuse (a note indicating “Until Further Notice” will only be good for a maximum of 30 days, and must be followed up thereafter). Up to 5 days excused, the student can remain in the PE class – over 5 days, they will be assigned to the Media Center. The excused student will have to do an essay for each week the student is excused from PE. Check with the teacher for details about the report





    500 Points                   AFFECTIVE:           (50%)                   I. PARTICIPATION ELEMENT               

    350 Points                   PSYCHOMOTOR:  (35%)                 II. CRITICAL SKILL ELEMENT

    150 Points                   COGNITIVE:           (15%)                III. WRITTEN ASSESSMENT ELEMENT

    3 PE Marking levels are 9 weeks (3 units – or 1 strength and conditioning unit)



    • PARTICIPATION:                              (Based on 1/2 Block)                                           (Based on a full Block)    


                                                                       *Maximum -60 per day                                             *Maximum -120 per day


    • Unprepared for class                                       -60                                                                             -120
    • Dressed but does not participate                      -60                                                                             -120
    • Unexcused Tardy-cannot change                      -60                                                                             -120
    • Cutting class                                                  -60                                                                             -120
    • Fighting, bullying                                            -60                                                                             -120
    • Poor sportsmanship                                        -60                                                                             -120 
    • Disrespectful/poor attitude                              -40                                                                             -80
    • Jewelry/refuse to remove                                -30                                                                             -60
    • No warm-ups (Pre-Activities)                           -30                                                                             -60
    • Safety violation (cell phone)                            -30                                                                             -60
    • Profanity                                                        -30                                                                            -60
    • Follows Direction/cooperation                          -30                                                                             -60 
    • Tardy to class                                                 -30                                                                             -60
    • Poor Effort/ does not meet potential                 -30                                                                             -60
    • Food/drink in PE/ locker room                          -20                                                                             -40
    • Refusal to remove headgear                            -20                                                                             -20
    • Electronic/refuse to put away                          -60                                                                             -120

    Hoodies/ear pods/hats    


    1. PSYCHOMOTOR: Evaluate student’s critical skill techniques for the unit(s) taught. Each assessment is worth 87.5 points.     Example: PE has 3 units per marking level.  2 out of the 3 units can be assessed for student’s psychomotor skills. 1. Football (route running and defending) 2. Floor hockey (shooting and goalie)


    III.     COGNITIVE: Must be 3 written assessments per marking level. Each assessment is worth 50 points.


     PE teachers will not secure student jewelry, and the school district is not responsible for injury due to wearing stud earrings, or for lost, stolen or misplaced jewelry. Students who do not remove jewelry cannot participate and are considered unprepared for PE class.

        Body Piercing – It is recommended that students not have body piercing done when assigned to PE class – these things should be done during the Health cycle, or during vacations, summers, etc. However, if a doctor’s note is provided to substantiate the need for a medical excuse due to body piercing, only 1-5 days will be excused (and only with a doctor’s note).  Only one 5-day exemption per year is allowed. Students cannot participate in PE class with body piercing jewelry.