• Welcome to  East Brunswick Tech. This webpage will provide information and forms that will be used to help maintain your child’s health in the upcoming school year.  Working together will ensure that your child will have a healthy, valuable and positive learning experience.


    All forms that are referenced can be found on the HEALTH OFFICE FORMS tab.  

School Physicals

  • Required for all NEW students within 30 days of entering the district, all 11th graders, students needing working papers and anyone participating in sports. (Sports physicals are required to be completed on a specific state-mandated form – see sports physical information below)

    You can choose to:

    • have your own doctor complete the PRIVATE PHYSICIAN’S PHYSICAL FORM (physical must have been completed within 365 days of submission) and attach an immunization record.
    • OR if needed the school district will provide your child a physical (at no cost to you) by our school physician – complete the PARENT/GUARDIAN REQUEST FOR SCHOOL PHYSICAL FORM. 

Contacting You for Medical Issues/Emergencies

  • The EMERGENCY CARD will be distributed to your child and must be filled out and returned AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Consideration must be made about who is available to pick up your sick child.  Students CANNOT remain in school with fevers, rashes, vomiting, sprains, or any other condition that keeps them from class for an extended period of time or are possibly contagious. This requires VALID phone numbers – if your number changes please alert the school and update it in the Genesis system. 

Sports Physicals

  • Please have your child pick up the SPORTS PACKET at the school nurse/coach or download it from the school website if he/she plans on playing any sports during the school year.  This packet contains permission slip and other forms required to participate in sports.

    State mandated PREPARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION Physical Forms MUST be completed if your child will be participating in any sports activity (this physical can be used for a school physical as well). You can chose to have your own doctor complete the physical or if needed, the school district will provide your child a physical (at no cost to you) by our school physician. Forms and consent for physicals are contained in the SPORTS PACKET.


  • If your child has life-threatening allergies the FOOD ALLERGY AND ANAPHYLAXIS EMERGENCY CARE PLAN this form MUST be completed by your child’s doctor.  Epi-Pens are permitted to be self-carried by students if appropriate and ANOTHER epi-pen is required to be kept in the nurse’s office.


  • If your child has seizures the SEIZURE ACTION PLAN MUST be completed by your child’s doctor.  


  • It is a NJ State Regulation that no child be admitted to school without proof of adequate immunizations.  Proof of immunizations (Form A-45) has been/will be requested from your sending district. If we are unable to obtain this information from your child’s previous school we will request this information from you as your child will not be allowed to remain in school without this information.

Medication Administration during School Hours

  • If your child requires medications to be taken during school the AUTHORIZATION FOR MEDICATION TO BE TAKEN DURING SCHOOL HOURS form is required to be completed by you AND your child’s doctor.  This form is required in order to give ANY medications to your child.  Forms from the previous year are not able to be carried over - a new form MUST be completed each year. Please bring any required Medications IN THE ORIGINAL BOX WITH PRESCRIPTION LABEL in for your child along with this completed form to the school nurse. All attempts will be made to return medications at the end of the school year.



  • If your child has asthma the ASTHMA TREATMENT PLAN form MUST be completed by your child’s doctor. Rescue inhalers are permitted to be self-carried by students if appropriate and ANOTHER Rescue inhaler is required to be kept in the nurse’s office.


  • If your child has diabetes a Diabetes Care for School Plan MUST be completed by your child’s doctor – if your doctor does not have form they use have your child pick one up from the school nurse office.  Physician orders need to be available the first day of school in order for your child to receive his/her medications.

Special Accommodations

  • Please contact the school nurse with any updates/changes regarding your student's health.