• Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (H.V.A.C./R.):

    Course Requirements

    Mr. Wass’s Shop Class



                The main goals of this class/shop are to prepare the student to be a successful HVAC/R Service/Installation Technician and become EPA Certified in Refrigerant Handling. This is achieved in a cumulative fashion, with basics taught in 9th grade and build on with each successive grade level. Preparation for passing the EPA exam will be given at all levels. The EPA test is administered in the 12th grade.



    1. No eating in shop, unless approved by Mr. Wass.
    2. DO NOT WRITE ON or IN your textbooks. You are responsible for the books that you are assigned.
    3. DO NOT WRITE ON any table, chair, wall, floor or any other inappropriate surface in the shop!
    4. Obey all school and classroom/lab safety regulations. Be careful of all wires, tools and electrical connections in the classroom/lab. You must be extra careful when working with sheet metal. All students must have an up-to-date Tetanus Booster.
    5. No radios, iPods, or Bluetooth speakers are allowed in the classroom.
    6. Cell phones are NOT to be used in the classroom unless it is needed as part of the day’s lesson plan. Parents please do not call your child during my class. The use of a cell phone without permission will result in confiscation. You are NOT allowed to use your phone as a calculator. If you need a calculator ask the teacher for one.
    7. You may want to have an extra shirt in your classroom locker for shop. Make sure it is an old shirt.
    8. Do not adjust heat, lights, or doors without the teacher’s permission.
    9. Do not touch any equipment in the room without permission and a safety lesson on that equipment.
    10. You are not to sleep (have your head on the desk/table) in class. If you look like you are sleeping, you are to me.
    11. Only use the computers when told to do so. Do not go onto unauthorized/inappropriate web sites. You will get a zero for the day if you do. Only go onto approved websites.
    12. Safety glasses will be properly worn whenever working in shop. Clean and dry them before you put them back. You are allowed to bring in your own safety glasses. They must have clear lenses.
    13. Long hair is to be tied back when operating machinery, for safety reasons. No hanging jewelry or chains are to be worn in the shop.
    14. Students may not leave the classroom without permission and a hall pass is always required.
    15. Students are not allowed outside unless instructed to do so by Mr. Wass.
    16. All copper is to be placed in the proper bins located in the tool crib. Do not throw copper in the garbage!
    17. The tools must be put away properly, desks cleaned off and the floor swept at the end of every class. All garbage is to be thrown out at the end of the shop. The teacher will assign 2 people to empty the shop trash bins.

     *Failure to follow any of these rules will result in communication with student’s parent/guardian. Also the

       student may be written up and sent to the office.




    1. Fire Exit: Follow posted fire exit signs from each classroom and follow teacher’s directions in case of emergency.
    2. Code Blue calls from the Office require students to remain in the classroom until “All clear” is given by the office.
    3. Code Red calls require the classroom to be locked down and to appear “closed”. Students must be quiet and move to a safe area in the room (by the lockers) until the “All clear” is given by the office.
    4. Students must follow directions during any emergency.
    5. Observe all safety regulations regarding horseplay, throwing objects, etc. that are posted in class and in the student handbook.
    6. Be careful of any electrical cords, tools or equipment set up in the classroom.
    7. Pay attention to safety lessons and safety videos. They will be given on a regular basis.
    8. Failure to follow the safety rules will result in a safety write up. You will then go to the school safety officer who will place your name and incident on record. Multiple incidents will result in a meeting of you and your parents with the school principal (possible expulsion from school).



    1. NO LOCKER PASSES will be issued for missing items you need for class.
    2. You must bring a pen or pencil to class every day.
    3. You must bring your notebook to class every day, and the notebook may be checked at any time and graded.
    4. You will have a locker in the class assigned to you to keep your belongings in.
    5. You may receive a zero (“0”) for the day if you are unprepared for class or do not participate in class.



    1. Each student is required to complete the same number of assignments. Missed work will receive a “0”.
    2. Make up work must be completed within two weeks of a return from absence. Any work turned in after the first week will be marked late and result in a loss of points (25%).
    3. Make up work will be one page of writing on the topic covered the day of your absence. See other students for the notes that you missed.
    4. Graded assignments will consist of: tests, quizzes, homework, notebooks, lab worksheets and lab work (participation).
    5. Papers/assignments will be marked late if turned in after the due date. You will lose 25% of the grade for that paper/assignment. After 1 week you will receive a “0”.
    6. According to school policy, grades are calculated as follows:

    -          60% student performance/participation – class and lab.

    -          20% written assignments – class and homework.

    -          20% tests/quizzes – quizzes and tests will be announced at least 1 week in advance.



    I can be reached via email at wassf@mcvts.net or leave a message at the school 1-732-254-8700 and I will return your call ASAP.