• This week, we are doing distance learning/online school. Following are guidelines and expectations for the days when Distance Learning is in effect:

    1. I will be running classes each day according to the appropriate A/B schedule. For example, this week we will have A days on M/W/F and B days on Tue/Thur. You need to attend your class on the appropriate day.

    2. These are NOT to be considered vacation days. You are expected to continue to learn remotely until this health emergency is over.

    3. Each day your class meets, I will post an assignment on Google Classroom with a due date. Each daily assignment will count as a daily attendance and a grade that will be put into Genesis. As always, failure to complete classwork and other assignments will result in a grade of zero in Genesis. As always, late work will be accepted, with deductions of 10% each day (not just the days your class meets).

    4. I will be available for help Mon-Fri from 9-3:30 pm. You may contact me by email and/or through Google classroom.

    5. If you are having some sort of internet/computer issue, or any other issue causing you to miss class, you must contact me ASAP to let me know you had and/or are having an issue. It is YOUR responsibility to try your best to do the work AND to ask for help/assistance. (Just as an FYI....there are multiple ways to let me know if you are having problems, such as having a friend/parent email on your behalf, and/or call the school and leave a message with one of the secretaries. The phone number for the school is 732-254-8700)

    6. I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy. Please remember that the point of this type of learning is to reduce the spread of this virus, and to ultimately help saves lives, so please practice social distancing.