• September 2020

  • Kaitlyn Ferrares

    Kaitlyn Ferreras is a student at the Middlesex County Academy in Edison. She is a person who cares deeply for others, and does everything in her power to lend a helping hand. She currently works part-time, as well as being the manager for the soccer team. Her future career plans include pursuing business and real estate, as well as experiencing college in a different country. Her favorite thing to do is go on long drives and spend time with her dog. Kaitlyn is a volunteer for the New York Road Runners, and actively participates in her community.

  • Saniya Halani

    Saniya Halani is a dedicated and hardworking senior at the Edison Academy. Over the past four years, she’s realized that no matter what her future career is, she wants to help people. After studying Engineering, she's found her passion in math, engineering, and technology and wants to pursue them in the future as well. Through extracurricular activities like Interact Club and Student Council, she has been able to grow as a leader. She has also been a dancer for over 13 years, a tutor at various academic institutions, and a volunteer continuously striving to give back to the community.