School of Professional and Consumer Services

  • Cosmetology / Hairstyling

    Cosmetology students learn the theoretical and practical skills required to pass the NJ State Board of Cosmetology Licensure examination. Students learn haircutting, shampooing, manicuring, scalp treatment, facials, makeup, hair coloring, hair straightening, shaving, and anatomy and physiology. Clinical experience in shop-simulated labs provide opportunities for hands-on training and experience in shop operations and management.

    Culinary Assisting and Foods Employment (CAFÉ) Program

    The Culinary Assisting and Foods Employment (CAFÉ) Program prepares students to serve under chefs and food services employers in the preparation, service, packaging, and sales of commercial establishments that prepare or serve food products. Students will learn instruction in safety, communications, food preparation, sanitization, service, sales and dining facilities operations, support and maintenance. By the end of the program, students will take the ServSafe Food Handler Certification Exam.