Programs, Policies and Procedures

                The Health and Physical Education Program is a  4 making period course.  All students must be enrolled in Health/Physical Education every year of enrollment as required for graduation by the State and Board Policy.  The Health class is - one marking period (Driver Education in 10th grade), and the Physical Education classes are three marking periods.


    TEAM SPORTS: Basketball, Softball, Speedball, Floor Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, Pickleball, Team Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tchoukball and Flag Football.

    INDIVIDUAL SPORTS: Weight Training, Golf, Step Aerobics, Yoga, CKO  

    PHYSICAL FITNESS:Cardio Endurance, Strength and Flexibility



                As per the Board Policy on Student Attendance, students who exceed 20 days of unexcused absences in PE will be required to attend Enrichment Intervention program.

    • Any absence from class may require you to make up all work that you miss.

    Tardiness- Tardiness will be handled on an individual basis, which could result in a warning and/or referral to administration.


    • Unexcused tardies will result in an UNPREPARED for the class period.
    • 1st time EXCUSED tardies will result in a warning. 2nd time EXCUSED tardies will result in an UNPREPARED.
    • Anyone leaving class early without permission will be issued a cut.
    • Students are not excused from PE to work in other classes, without the teacher's
    • Passes from other Teachers will NOT be accepted for missing class.
    • Students are to enter the gym from outside of the locker room door and may enter the Gym only when directed by a teacher.
    • Students are to remain in the locker room until the bell rings at the end of the period.

    We run on Piscataway time not your cell phone time.

    • Students will not be allowed to enter the locker room after the late bell.


                Students may be excused from PE class for medical reasons according to the following guidelines.


    • Parent Note- A parental note may be accepted by the PE teacher for a 1 DAY excuse only, but the student must still get changed for Physical Education class. No more than 2 notes a Marking Period.
    • Nurse- In order to go to the nurse, a student must be prepared for PE(dressed) and given a pass by the PE teacher. The nurse and teacher will determine if you will be excused. Going directly to the Nurse will result in an unprepared.  No Exceptions
    • Doctor’s notes- Students must have a doctor’s note for an extended excuse, and you do not change for PE. The doctor’s note must specify the diagnosis and the length of the excuse.  The nurse will obtain the documentation and follow up on the status of student’s duration from being excused.


    Evaluation Process-   PE is 3 marking levels and graded separate from Health.

    Students in Physical Education will be evaluated based on 3 criteria:Affective(Preparation), Psychomotor ( Skills Assessment) and Cognitive (Tests)…….You start with a 100% A+” and it’s up to you to keep it.


    Affective-( Preparation) (50%)

                            Students will be given 5 minutes to get changed before and after class.

                            PE Dress Code:

                                        -Sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, White T-Shirt and any Piscataway Tech SPORT apparel clothing. School sports team uniforms;( jerseys or shorts) are not permitted.

                                        - Shop pants and clothing are unacceptable, soffe style shorts are not appropriate.

                                        -Pajamas and cargo shorts are not permitted.  Clothes under your sweats will not be permitted.                                    - Tank tops, sleeveless or low V-neck shirts are unacceptable.

                                        -All hoodies, hats or any other head covering shall be removed, unless for religious purpose.


    -Cell phones, headphones, earbuds, earpods shall not be worn, seen or used.

    1st OFFENSE -  WARNING and -10 points from preparation

    2nd OFFENSE - Phone call home to parent and referred to administration


    Preparation includes promptness to class, being on time for attendance, participating in warm-ups/stretches and wearing appropriate clothing.

    Other ways to receive an unprepared include:

    -unable to dress for class due to tardiness with a pass----( one warning given)

    -arriving late without a pass.

    -staying in another class or shop without teacher permission.

    -refusing to follow ANY other PE teacher instruction or rule.


    Psychomotor-(Skills Assessment)(35%)

                            Students will be assessed on 3 skills during each PE Marking period.  The skill will be determined by the teacher for whichever activity of their choosing.  Students must show growth in their assessed skill, knowledge and importance.


    Cognitive(Test)s- ( 15%)

                            Students will be given 3  written tests for each activity after 3 weeks have been completed in each activity.  The tests will contain questions regarding rules, regulations and terminology of the activities played.

      District Grading Scale: A+(98-100)     A(92-97)     A-(90-91)     B+(86-89)     B(82-85)      B-(80-81)

     C+(79-76)      C(72-70)     C-(70-71)      D(65-69)       F(0-64)

    Jewelry Policy

                PE teachers will not secure student jewelry and the district is not responsible for injury due to wearing stud earring or the loss, stolen or misplaced jewelry.  Students who do not remove any jewelry deemed unacceptable for PE class will be considered unprepared for class.


    Unprepared Policy-  For each unprepared CLASS PERIOD, your grade drops 6%. For each unprepared BLOCK, your grade drops 12%.

                1st unprepared- teacher warning to student

                2nd unprepared- teacher calls home

                3rd unprepared- teacher warning to counselor

                4th unprepared- submits interim in danger of failure

                5th unprepared- teacher notifies counselor on potential failure of class

                6th unprepared- student fails for marking period.

    Students may make up zeros by attending and participating in after school PE on Wednesdays, dressed in PE attire and run a mile for each zero. ( Max 2 miles in 1 day)

    You may not participate in after school gym if you are unprepared that day.


    . Please return the bottom after it has been reviewed by student/Parent or Guardian, to your PE Teacher. Please keep the Syllabus as a reference.

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    Throughout the school year, your child may be videotaped or have his/her picture taken and displayed on the school or Phys. Ed. Depart. Website to promote Physical Fitness. I agree to have my child videotaped/photographed during class (YES / NO)

    This signed document will be kept on file by the students’ Physical Education Teacher.

    STUDENT NAME (PRINT)____________________________________________________ 


    STUDENT SIGNATURE______________________________________________________ PE PERIOD_____________


    PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE_____________________________________________






    Physical Education Grading Policy



    500 Points                   AFFECTIVE:                 (50%)                  I. PARTICIPATION ELEMENT               

    350 Points                   PSYCHOMOTOR:    (35%)                  II. CRITICAL SKILL ELEMENT

    150 Points                   COGNITIVE:                 (15%)                 III. WRITTEN ASSESSMENT ELEMENT

    3 PE Marking levels are 9 weeks (3 units – or 1 strength and conditioning unit)


    I.          AFFECTIVE: (Based on 1/2 Block)                               (Based on a full Block)            


                         *Maximum -60 per day                                                      *Maximum -120 per day


    • Unprepared for class                          -60                                               -120
    • Dressed but does not participate         -60                                               -120
    • Unexcused Tardy-cannot change         -60                                               -120
    • Cutting class                                     -60                                               -120
    • Fighting, bullying                               -60                                               -120
    • Poor sportsmanship                           -60                                               -120
    • Disrespectful/poor attitude                 -40                                                 -80
    • Jewelry/refuse to remove                   -30                                                 -60
    • No warm-ups (Pre-Activities)              -30                                                 -60
    • Safety violation (cell phone)               -30                                                 -60
    • Profanity                                           -30                                                 -60
    • Follows Direction/cooperation             -30                                                 -60
    • Tardy to class                                    -30                                                -60
    • Poor Effort/ does not meet potential    -30                                                -60
    • Food/drink in PE/ locker room             -20                                                -40
    • Refusal to remove headgear               -20                                                 -20

    Hoodies/ear pods/hats    

    II.        PSYCHOMOTOR: Evaluate student’s critical skill techniques for the unit(s) taught. Each assessment is worth 87.5 points.     Example: PE has 3 units per marking level. 2 out of the 3 units can be assessed for student’s psychomotor skills. 1. Football (route running and defending) 2. Floor hockey (shooting and goalie)


    III.     COGNITIVE: Must be 3 written assessments per marking level. Each assessment is worth 50 points.