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     Chef Franco Giuseppe Vitale

    "We are a team, we work together, we all rise and fall together"


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    About The Chef


    Chef Franco Giuseppe Vitale comes from an Italian Background specializing but not limited to Mediterranean cuisine.

    His Culinary skills and palate have been honed by his venture of experiences cooking with and for a people of different ethnic backgrounds and dietary needs.

    His travels across countries and friendships have opened a door of flavorful and colorful dishes of knowledge and education.

    His enthusiastic approach wins the heart and appetites of many people.

    His passion for Culinary arts just doesnt end at cooking but has led to a love for serving people and teaching how to connect with others through food and hospitality.

    Today he has the oppurtunity to teach, encourage and prepare young people to reach their goals, dreams and to have a fresh hope in themselves through food and hospitality. 

     His ultimate goal is to lead young people by means of Culinary Arts to succeed

    in the food industry or what they desire later by applying Respect, Professionalism, and good kitchen morals to their everyday lives.


    "Young people need leaders who are selfless. My goal as a Leader is to build greater leaders and it starts with our young people now."

                                                                                                                     -Chef Franco Giuseppe Vitale