Working Papers

    Access this form to apply for working papers -
    If you need working papers, please read the following directions.
    1.  Once you have a job you and your new employer need to complete the form located here.
    2.  After you have done this you then need to have proof of age (see directions on the form):
    3.  Medical Clearance from a physician (see directions on the form)
    4.  Complete all your personal information, have your parent/guardian sign the form
    5.  You may then make an appointment by emailing Ms. Paprota paprotas@mcvts.net
    6.  When you make this appointment you will bring with you the original printed form, completed by the employer, yourself, your parent and a physician, along with your proof of age
    7.  When Ms. Paprota has these she will then assign a number, sign and return the form to you.
    Any questions please contact Ms. Paprota paprotas@mcvts.net