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    Students Sign-in:  There is a username and a password.

    Student Username: It is your first and last name(s) as it appears in Genesis, but remove all spaces.

    Username Examples: Nancy Lopez would sign-in using "NancyLopez".  Jonathan Coria Santana would sign-in as "JonathanCoriaSantana".  D'Andria Del'Olio-Cariello would sign-in as "D'AndriaDel'Olio-Cariello".

    Student Password: Your password is your student ID number with the first one or two zeroes removed.

    Password Examples: If your student number is 009875, your password is 9875.  If your student ID number is 011654, your password is 11654.

    If you have any sign-in problems, do not hesitate to send an email.


    Teachers log in - ask Mr. Gugliotta for your sign-in information.


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