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Mrs. Meagher-Di Ello

 Sept 2, 2020

Hello everyone!  In addition to EB Campus's "Student Expectations for Google Meets/Virtual Learning," I would like to post a few procedures of my own.  The goal of the following virtual procedures is to create the best learning opportunity for all students.

1.  Be on time for the Google Meet.  This will start the day's class.  Attendance will be taken.

2.  You need to be virtually "in-person" for part of the meeting.  For attendance and different learning activities, we will all need to show our faces.  Knowing this, please choose an appropriate background.  During the lesson we go into "stealth mode," at which point you can switch to an avatar as you complete an individual assignment or work with a group.  Just know that, when it is time to return from "stealth mode," you need to return and retire your avatar for while.  

3. Attendance is rolling.  What does this mean?  I will be taking attendance throughout the class at different points.  You may not even notice that your attendance is being taken again: you may be asked to answer a quick topical question on jamboard or give a thumbs up or down during the Google meet.  The goal is for you to be attentive and involved throughout the lesson.  

4. "Homework" will be assigned.  We will spend our virtual class time together learning new skills, which we will also practice during class time.  Then you will have an assignment which works with the same material and will be due to Google Classroom at a later date.

5.  Use the Remind app to reach me in real time.  This is important.  Don't ask questions via e-mail or comments in Google Classroom or as a comment in a Google assignment.  I don't see this type of communication in real time.  With Remind, you can reach me immediately, and, as long as I am not already teaching another class virtually, I will respond immediately.  If the question cannot be answered in Remind, we can then hop on a Google Doc together or hold a Google Meet.  Don't ever let an unanswered question keep you from submitting your work on time; use Remind.  (You can send me a Remind after 3:30, but I may not get to it until 8:30 the next morning).



Aug 27, 2020

Students, please join Google Classroom.  You must log on to Google with you MCVTS account in order to successfully join the class.  English class will meet live with Google Meet invitations which will appear on Google Classroom.

Codes:  Seniors:  36tpxob

            Juniors:  4qhhniq

            Freshmen:  fdb7hch


Aug 26, 2020


Ordinarily, my back-to-school welcome focuses on school supplies like three ring binders and lined paper...of course, this year is different.  Each day, I learn something new about how we will be navigating online learning.  As I learn more about our new procedures, I will be sure to notify you.  Let me share with you what I do know. . . 

First, let me stress that the following procedure is regarding my English class only and is subject to change if required by administration, or if found unsuitable to a particular class's learning style.   Please refer to other teachers' teacher pages for an introduction to their procedures. 

Students will attend live online academic class with me once a week (and roughly once a month twice a week as we move through the rotating five-day calendar- a full-year A/B calendar is available at this link ). The online class will take place during the regularly scheduled class time. (Follow this link to the school's bell schedule: ) I will be teaching live from my classroom.  I will send students Google Meet invitations through Google Classroom; attendance during the live portion of the class is required.  While we are live, I will do my best to make the experience as instructive, interactive and enjoyable as possible.  We will have group work opportunities, frequently using break-out rooms and collaborative Google documents and slides. I will use the live class time each week to introduce new skills and strengthen existing skills, giving students an opportunity to exercise those skills live. Students will then have the opportunity to work with those skills on their own, submitting an assignment to Google classroom.  Students will need to complete a body of work each week, which will be posted on Google classroom. 

I will set up a Remind account for each grade.  Parents are welcome to join.  I will use Remind so that students can reach me in real time with questions about the material outside of the live classes.  Once I know that a student needs my attention, if the question cannot be answered in the space of the Remind App, we can then  set up a quick Google meet, or I can jump on the student's Google document to answer questions there.  The bottom line: students should not send an e-mail with a pressing question that they need answered in order to complete their work, as I may not see the e-mail right away.  I am here to help, and the best way to immediately reach me from 8:30-3:30 is through Remind.  I will post the Remind information on Google Classroom; students, please provide your parents/guardians with this information if they request it.

While I really looking forward to the day when classes can meet in person, I think that, together, we can make the best of this current situation.  Your good health and safety always comes first.  You can find the course syllabus and other useful information of this page as well.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions:


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    NAME:Jennifer Meagher-Di Ello

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