• Mrs. Anglum

    11, 12 English



                Welcome back to school.    In order to get the most out of our time together, we need to have a positive learning environment where everyone is given the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability. For this reason, I have established the rules below:


            1.   Be on time.    You are expected to be in class on time. If you are late without a pass, you will lose points from your participation grade. If tardiness    

                 continues  to be a problem, I will   bring this to the attention of your parent or guardian and counselor. In addition, if you arrive late, you are to do so 
                 without disturbing the class.


    1. Bring a writing utensil. You will be provided with a notebook and paper. You will be required to bring a pen or pencil to class.


    1. No food or drinks. You must put away all food or drinks away before entering the classroom. If you would like a drink from the water fountain, please do so before entering the classroom.


    1. No electronic equipment. As per school rules, this includes, cell phones, laptops,  games, ipods and any other device that runs on batteries or electric!


    1. Passes. You will be given one bathroom pass per week to use at your discretion. Passes will not be given to guidance or any office. If you need to see your counselor, make an appointment in the morning.


    1. Be respectful. I expect you to act in a manner that will allow the class to run smoothly.  Rude comments, excessive talking, and inappropriate language will not be tolerated and will result in loss of participation points and a possible office referral.    




    In this class, you can expect to do the following:


    • Read and analyze literature

    • Learn content vocabulary

    • Participate in class discussions

    • Write narrative, descriptive, persuasive and other types of essays

    • Complete research papers and/or projects.




      GRADING: You will be graded according to the MCVTS Policy as follows:


      Tests and projects:           35%

      Quizzes:                              25%

      Classwork:                         25%

      Homework:                       15%


      EXAM - Students will be required to take a final exam for the course that will count as 20% of the final grade. (This is equivalent to one marking period grade)


      MAKE-UP WORK: It is your responsibility to complete all missed assignments within three days of your absence. Work later than this will not be accepted under most circumstances. All missed assignments will be hung on the bulletin board near the door. If you miss an assignment because you were sent out of class for discipline reasons, you will not be able to make-up any work and receive a zero for the day.


      HOMEWORK: Homework will be assigned several times a week and posted in the Google Classroom.   To help you remember your homework I use the remind.com text messaging/email reminder system. Please sign up using the links on my Remind.com page.