Welcome to Ms. Schwenck's page!

          I have spent part of this summer Boston at a International Literacy Conference. While there I hob-knobbed with many current and young researchers, teachers and other professionals who are leading our way in Reading. This school year I will be preparing many of my students for college or the work force, let us all make a commitment to motivating, and allowing our students the opportunity to develop their reading, writing skills, and social/ emotional skills. 
         I have just completed my Masters in Reading. After four years of work I feel I am prepared to continue to reach our students and bring forth their reading abilities.  for our students to be successful we need to assure they read each day and complete their assigned homework.  Each student needs to have choices in their reading materials.  I recommend each student spend a few minutes applying for and using their library card each week.  The library is a wonderful asset to our community and offers a variety of books at every level.  I do spend part of each day reading with your students and do hope to continue this practice. I read popular stories, children's books and current events. all of these books are intended to encourage student curiosity, motive and with the hope of independent reading.   This habit alone will increase our student's reading, vocabulary and comprehension.  There is also a library in our school where our students can borrow books, no excuses.