Board of Education

  • On behalf of the Board of Education, I assure the public that we are committed to provide quality career or college preparation opportunities for all students. Student achievement is our highest priority. With input from over 250 citizens serving on advisory committees, our programs and facilities continue to be current and relevant. The Board fosters open communication and is responsive to ideas and comments from the community. You may address your comments to Board President at Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools, 112 Rues Lane, East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816.

  • Eugene-J-Mullen
    Eugene J. Mullen III

  • Keith Jones II  
     Keith Jones II
  • Yasmin-E.-Hernandez-Manno
    Yasmin E. Hernandez-Manno, M. Ed
    Acting Executive County
    Superintendent of Schools

  • Gail_Engel
    Gail Engel
    Vice President

  • Laura Czarneski Board Member
    Laura Czarneski