School of Construction Technology

  • Architecture Technology/ CADD – Mr. Malave

    Architecture Technology is designed to challenge students interested in architecture, building, construction, computers, drawing, design, and engineering. Students translate design drawings into working drawings manually and through the use of computer-assisted drafting systems. Graduates are employed as drafters for architects, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers, surveyors, and developers.

    Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology –    Mr. Wass 

    Students will be taught the skills necessary for proper maintenance, servicing, repair, installation of gas, electric, solar heating, and cooling units for commercial and domestic use.

    Pre-Engineering & Manufacturing Technology - Mr. Mercadante 

    ​This course offers instruction on tools, materials, production process, machine operations, automated line operations, technical and quality control, engineering analysis, instrumentation, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), electronic, hydraulics and pneumatics, process control, computer aided design (AD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and robotics.