• Q: What must be included with my application?

    A. The application must be completely filled out and signed by a parent/guardian and a school official. It must include actual School transcripts from 7th grade, first marking period of 8th grade when available, attendance report and discipline report. It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure that the application is received on or before the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.


    Q: How competitive is the field and what are the minimum requirements?

    A. In general there will be more applicants than available spaces. We rank all applicants based on academic records and performance on our Assessment Test. Students who are accepted generally earn an  “A” average in middle school.


    Q: What is on the Assessment Test?

    A. The Admissions Assessment consists of math, language and writing sections.


    Q: What if I am sick and miss the test date?

    A. A make-up test date may be administered based on the circumstances of the individual at the discretion of the administration.


    Q: How and when will I be notified of acceptance?

    A. It will take approximately four weeks for all processing to be completed after the exam is administered. All applicants who qualify will be scheduled for an interview in January. Only students who qualify for an interview will be contacted


    Q: Are there waiting lists?

    A. All students who qualify for admission are either accepted or placed on the waiting list. All applications are kept on file through the following school year. Should an acceptance be turned down, an accepted student moves or decides not to stay, resulting in an opening, the waiting list will be reviewed for a replacement.


    Q: How will my eligibility be related to my residency?

    A. As described under the acceptance procedures, at least one place will be reserved for each School District that has submitted qualified applicants.


    Q: How is residency for Private / Parochial School Students determined?

    A. All students are considered to be from the public school district in which they reside, regardless of the school that they attend.


    Q: Can more than one student from a district be accepted?

    A. Yes, as space permits, multiple acceptances from a school district may be considered.


    Q: What if my resident district is outside Middlesex County?

    A. Only Middlesex County residents will be considered for the Academy.

    Q:  What if I am in the ninth grade? Can I apply?
    A. Only eighth graders may apply. Only students placed on the wait list may be considered for admission during the freshman year if a opening becomes available. 
    Q:  What if I did not complete Algebra 1? Can I take it in Summer School?
    A.  Students must complete a full year of Algebra 1 in order to attend the Academy. Some students successfully complete Algebra 1 in seventh grade. As long as the student completes a full year of Algebra 1 prior to graduating from Middle School, he/she is eligible. A summer school course in Algebra 1 is not considered a full year.